Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got a question from my distant friend Sparky the Wonder Dog.  Sparky writes "Dear Frank, I've followed much of your advice to the chagrin poker pals (yes dogs do actually play poker).  I've recently picked up a big giant coat, got kitten massages, chilled with some presidential pets and invested in Dachshund currency.

The last effort has been very fruitful - in fact I amassed a large sum of money.  I've found a brilliant way to increase the amount of Dachshund money.  Did you know that if you take money to Kinko's your can make copies of it?  I might try applying for a intern position at Stan Chesley's law office since he needs new ways to make money - oops too soon??

Anyway, I have money to burn and need your advice on what kind of car to buy to support my newly lavish lifestyle."

First, you need to find a car with a good place for you to to sit.

Thanks Pinterest!

Second, you need proper driving glasses.  Any human glasses will do!  After all you need to look human if you get pulled over!

Lastly, you a need a really sweet car so all the ladies at the dog park take notice!
You know what happens when you hit 88!!

Please come to Toledo and pick me up ASAP. 

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