Friday, May 10, 2013

RIP Franks Girlfriend + the Dog Eyebrow Challenge!

Well.. a familiar friend of Frank's is no more....
Frank's girlfriend has officially bit the dust.
She usually hangs out in his cage with him but for a while she was on top of a bookshelf. Well, one afternoon recently we were getting ready to head out, put the boys in their cage and I threw the girlfriend in for Frank. Clearly Frank was not happy that we were leaving and decided to take his aggression out on his girlfriend. We got home to a giant pile of stuffing in the corner of his cage.
The girlfriend is officially toast.

Here are some favorite memories of Frank's GF :
{for the full effect I suggest playing this song and scrolling through ... }

We will be on the hunt for a new girlfriend (Frank has a "birthday" coming up soon anyways) - so he will only be without for a short while.

So apparently the dog with eyebrows was a huge hit yesterday. We got a lot of people telling us how funny it was (I bet it made you laugh all day too, right??). I bet some of you went home, looked at your dog, and wondered what he/she would look like with eyebrows, right?
SO.. why not give it a try? Send us your picture (check the contact page) by next Wednesday and I'll post 'em up at the end of next week! Come oooon do it!! It'll be fun!!
Get creative with your eyebrows.. there are plenty of ways to give dogs eyebrows! {if I had any prizes I'd even give some out!!.. but I don't have any prizes... :( }
Who knows.. maybe we'll even try and give Frank or Beans some eyebrows :)

Happy Friday!!!
{yeah.. had to post it again....}

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