Friday, May 17, 2013

Eye Brown Challenge Results + Obie!

Soooo we're a little disappointed in our fan base here at The Daily Frank & Beans considering we got a whopping 1 picture submitted for the Dog Eyebrow Challenge.... {and I know Frank & Beans have a lot of fans.. and a LOT of those fans are dog owners... I'm talking about YOU .... and YOU... and you too!!!}

First we'll start with the inspiration ...
{yep... still laughing...}

Ok.. so here he is.. it's Brinkley with eyebrows!!! 
Brinkley sporting some AWESOME chalk eyebrows!! The best part of this story is that Brinkley surprised his mother with these sweet eyebrows when she came home from work. Imagine leaving for work and your dog looks like he always does, and then coming home to a dog with white eybrows! Hilarious!! 

And then there's Frank... Frank is also sporting some chalk eyebrows, but in a yellow color... 
(they just look so happy with eyebrows!!!)
{note to self : drawing eyebrows on a dog is NOT easy...}

So.. Beans.. well.. he doesn't really have the right 'hair type' to allow us to draw eyebrows on him (lucky Beans).. and hes been groomed recently, otherwise we'd be able to really play with his brows...
I mean look what we had to work with !!!

If we had more length to Beans eyebrows I'd probably wet 'em up a little bit and twist them so they're pointy... yupp.. lucky Beans.. 

Or maybe we just give him a little Gandalf look (I didn't even know who this was until I started looking up crazy eyebrows).
Sooo if you ever decide to give your dog eyebrows please send them on over and we'll feature them!!

Also, Frank & Beans want to give a special shout out to Obie the dachshund who recently had a tummy tuck! Last August, Obie weighed in at a hefty 77lbs and today he weighs 34lbs!! Because he's lost so much weight and his slim physique he had to have some skin removed. Check out this video of him from CNN.

Have a great weekend everybody! Happy Friday!!

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