Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beans Adoption Anniversary

So yesterday was Beans adoption anniversary! A year ago we brought this little guy home to be a part of our family!

Here are some favorite Beans memories from the past year...

 ... meeting Frank, his new BFF...
... taking part in the "kitchen aid mixer" incident...
 ... trying on a prison jumpsuit for Halloween that (thankfully for him) didn't fit!
 ... dressing up as a sheriff for Halloween...
 ... watching his buddy Frank race in the Cincinnati Cyclones Wiener Dog Race! (and pretending to have his first Hudy)
 ... going to the DETROIT AUTO SHOW!!
... helping Ben out with some Beans Bicep Curls..
... walking 3.1 miles in the MS Walk back in April...
... hanging out with Macklemore in his Thrift Shop video

AND SO many more...!

DONT FORGET to submit a picture of your pooch with some crazy eyebrows for the Dog Eyebrow Challenge!! Today's the last day!!

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