Monday, July 29, 2013

1-year Anniversary! + some changes

We did it! Today marked the 1-year anniversary of The Daily Frank & Beans first post!
We can't believe that we actually kept up with this for an entire year! I'm sure others are impressed too (I mean really... how many pictures/posts can you make up about your dogs...). Maybe we'll try and do a round up of some of the top and most memorable posts over the last year. (if you have a favorite... let us know!!!)

This past weekend Frank & Beans joined us on another trip to Toledo. Let's all give Frank a hand for making it the whole way without getting sick!!!
(we were not so lucky with Beans on the way back)
The chiefs were definitely NOT on their best behavior while in Toledo. Let's just say that when we got home from the Tigers game on Saturday night, the boys had made quite the mess in the kitchen and living room (looks like they had a lot of fun). 

Now, since we have hit the 1-year mark of DF&B we are going to make a few changes.... The Daily Frank & Beans is going to change names to something like The Adventures of Frank & Beans because we are no longer going to do posts on a daily basis (and you can't call something "The Daily..." if it's not daily, right??). We've already mentioned this to a few favorite fans and they are not too happy with it... sorry guys ...

We will share the official name when we finalize it (hopefully soon!). If you have any suggestions let us know!!

We are still going to do a few posts a week (including some occasional Frankly Speaking, Funnies from Beans & Random Rudy Takeovers), just probably not daily. We are also going to try and post more pictures on Frank & Beans Facebook page on a regular basis... so if you aren't a fan yet... Like them!!!

 We hope everyone has enjoyed this past year with Frank & Beans and will continue to! Happy Monday!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Furred Lines Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! Frank & Beans have a funny music video to share with you today. Remember a few months back when Frank said that "Blurred Lines" would make a great song on a summer cookout playlist? Well someone took it 1 step further and made a dog parody of the video... titled... Furred Lines...  !!!


Watch the video here on The Pet Collective's official site!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Funnies from Beans

Beans is back with some Thursday funnies!! He got these sent in from a favorite fan and we couldn't help but share them...

Of course everyone knows by now that the chiefs are HUGE Tigers fan. This is a clip from over the weekend where a base runner actually tagged himself out... yep Tigers are that good...


Here's another good one from a little race done between innings... (take note of the "reslish" hot dog in the back)
The Detroit Tigers commentates are named Rod & Mario.. here is their conversation that went on as this was happening... 
--Rod: "He lost his britches."
--Mario: "How does a hot dog lose his pants?"
--Rod: "Saggin'"
--Mario: "Which means his buns were showing"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wendy's Wednesday

The other day we picked up some food from Wendy's for dinner. We were eating it in the other room and all of a sudden heard some rustling in the kitchen....
OF COURSE Frank found the bag laying on the floor. He may have been lucky enough to get a stray french fry or two...
"Uhoh... someones coming.... time to caaasually walk away... "
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frankly Speaking

No questions today.  In honor of the Royal Baby here are my 3 most favorite baby memes.  A meme is a funny picture with a caption when in combination make me chuckle.  Let's get started:

The eyes make this one great!

Beans loves this one!


Go find your favorite beverage and celebrate the happy news about the Royal Baby!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beans "hearts" Mondays

Happy Monday from Beans!
We found our little guy situated like this one night over the weekend.... He's got his head propped just perfectly in a heart pillow we have...
 So stinkin' cute...

Friday, July 19, 2013

A lesson in sharing

Remember earlier in the week when I mentioned that the boys need to work on their sharing?
Check it out!!
Ok, they tried...
 "... wait ... wait..."
"are... are you really doing that??"
Sorry Frank...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Double Trouble

The other day I mentioned another birthday gift for Beans...
It's a double leash!!!! {OK.. it's not really FOR Beans but more for us to make walks hopefully a little easier}
We've only been on a couple of walks with this leash and it's going to take lots of practice (we even kept the tags on for the time being in case this turns out to be a disaster!!).
"Just keep walking Just keep walking..."
"Ooh look a cookie!"
The chiefs need to learn to walk together. Beans is a good walker, but Frank has his own agenda and likes to walk ahead. This is going to take some practice. 
We'll get there eventually. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ice Cream Treat

Another part of Beans birthday celebration was a trip to the ice cream shop down the street. We took the boys on a walk, got ourselves a treat AND a treat for the pups!
Since we were celebrating Beans birthday, Beans got to go first...
Ok Frank.. you can join now!
He had his fair share, too...
What ... ? Do I... have something on my face?
OOOH yum! What a surprise! 
Beans had ice cream all under his little beard but I this was the best picture I could get... 
Happy Birthday Beans!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Dear Frank, writes Elliot the Labrador Retriever, it seems like you live such a lavish and extravagant life! I'd love to hear what a typical day is like for you!

Dear Elliot,
First let me thank you for the insightful question.  I take pride in my daily routine where I seek to challenge myself through physical exercise and strenuous brain exercises to make keep me in tip-top shape.

Also, my day includes some bullying of Bean's to enable my plan's to take over the world (or at least our neighborhood).  I start by waking Bean's up 5 minutes before my parent's alarm goes off and he start barking.  His reward is my help on his medium difficulty Sudoku puzzles (more on that later).

My method of exercise is Yoga specifically the Adho mukha śvānāsana (downward dog).  It's a bit hard to do in my cage - much easier in the kitchen.  Here is a friend of mine showing you how its done.


OK, onto the strenuous brain exercises.  The key to being smart is wearing glasses so first I put my glasses on (like my friend below).  Next, I start by doing an easy-difficulty sudoku puzzle then a jigsaw puzzle; when I am feeling really loosened up I coach Bean's through a Sudoku (medium-difficulty).  The problem is that he doesn't know what comes after 7 so he never get's very far.


Lastly, Beans and I discuss taking over the world (Pinky and the Brain style).  NARF!  Anyways, I have been working to escape the kitchen lately so the next step is getting Bean's out!  It's important to have an accomplice to you can pin it all on them!  Just kidding Bean's has lot's of great ideas!  

Oh and lots of sleeping occurs as well!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Beans Birthday Recap

Beans had a pretty great birthday... check out some of his gifts!
{a GIANT rawhide bone, a rope bone + another toy I forgot to
include but we'll give a try & share later this week.... }
While Beans was very patient for his gifts....
Frank was READY (whose birthday was it again.. oh right.. BEANS)...
Are these for me??
 Beans got RIGHT to business with the rawhide bone, taking it into his cage for safety...
Yes... the bone is actually longer than Beans... 
He loves rawhide so much we figured why not get him a giant one to save a few trips to the pet store :)
Of course Frank also seized the opportunity once Beans walked away from the bone.... they're going to have to learn to share... 
 Happy Monday! Stay cool in this hot weather!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Veggie Tales

Whenever we're in the kitchen cooking up vegetables, we try to let the chiefs try them out too. Their personal favorites lately are green beans, broccoli & carrots!! These guys eat their veggies like their treats... little do they know it's a healthy treat!!
Up today... steamed broccoli!! 
Frank took his piece of broccoli and ran into the living room with it. Beans, on the otherhand, decided to share his broccoli eating experience with everyone!
And yes we found little broccoli pieces in his beard afterwards.... poor guy...
Ahhh look at his little feet!

After the broccoli snack.. it was time to veg out..
HA! Get it? "Veg out" ..... HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Beans!

It's all about Beans today!!!
Today our little guy turns a whopping 6 years old!!
Here is how we celebrated last year... with ice cream!!
We took a little walk to the ice cream shop down the street and got Beans (& Frank) a little treat.
He was a little skeptical about it at first but eventually finished it up.
Here's the little chief with his birthday gifts from last year...
Clearly he doesn't have much interest in them... (they have all become favorite toys of Frank, go fig...)
We only got Beans a couple small gifts for this birthday this year that we're hoping he shows some remote interest in. Stay tuned to see!