Friday, September 28, 2012

Squirrel Watching Weekend

We made it to Friday! Yay!
Frank wants to know what everyone is up to this weekend.. he says hes going to do lots of chillin' ... probably in one of his favorite spots - in a chair pushed right up to the front windows (with his favorite toys/stuffed animals, of course) so he can watch all the cars/people/squirrels/dogs that go by the house...

 And when that gets too strenuous, he might just curl up for a nap...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Team Obie

Happy Thursday everyone! Beans, Ben & Frank are here to say Hiiiii!
"Hiiiiii Friends!!"
Today Frank wants to share a story that is near and dear to his heart. Meet Obie. Obie is an overweight, 77lb dachshund on a mission to shed 40 lbs. We saw a story on Obie on the CNN website and became a fan immediately (While Frank didn't have to lose 40lbs, he did lose quit a bit considering his little size). You can follow his progress on Obie's Fan Page on Facebook.

Obie, Frank & Beans will be cheering for ya!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Puppy Dog Eyes Frank

Ok we're going back in time to August of 2011.
This is Frank's "I didn't do it!" look. The sad thing is, he didn't even do anything wrong in this picture. I think it was from on time when he was sick, actually.. so maybe it's more of a "Please let me just take a nap" look. As you can see some of his favorite toys were chillin' with him. We've got Lemiwinks and his orange "Bobo"...
"If I give her the puppy dog eyes maybe she'll leave me alone"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Frank & Beans the Firemen

So on one of our walks this weekend we went to a park down the street. At the park was a little firetruck on the playground for kids to play on. OF COURSE we (Ok... I) had to try and get the boys to pretend to be firemen on this little play apparatus. 

"Come on boys! Pretend like you're driving the fire truck! It's for your website!!"
So while these little men did not want to cooperate, I did cute a little cooperation as I got in for a closer shot...
"Ok Beans, I'm going to take a left turn up here, can you check my blind spot on my right side for me? ... Thanks Man"

Monday, September 24, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Sometimes the hair on Beans is just toooo funny... check these out
"May I help you?"
Is he not the cutest little guy you've ever seen??? I think we're due for a hair trim soon...(just a trim!!)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Roll Around Friday

It's Friday! Roll around!

Get Crazy!
Ok don't roll into a soccer net.. whoops!!
Ok.. all better! Have a great weekend from Beans!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go Tigers! (again!)

So when we got back from our trip to Colorado there was a package on the door for Frank (yep.. it said "Frank" on the envelope). Inside was a gift all for Frank - a Tigers jersey! Since a while back I posted about how Frank's original jersey fit Beans better, my mom saw one and decided Frank deserved his own, so here it is!
Check out the details of this snazzy jersey (AND Frank's modeling skills.... do I need to remind people that Frank is auditioning for romance novel covers?)

 Action shot! 
 And here's the Detroit Tigers Dachshund Duo 
 (and Frank showin' off some of his chest hair...)
 Of course this isn't a face we like to see, but here's Frank sulking after they lost the other night against the White Sox... (hopefully there won't be any more sulking because the Tigers are going to win all of their remaining games and play in the World Series! :) )

Go Tigers!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

King Weenie

We are back after our long weekend in Colorado. Frank and Beans were super happy to see us when we got home! They ran around the house like craaazy for a while, and then Beans decided to crash and lay down with Frank's girlfriend ("Frank's girlfriend" you say? Yep.. more info on that in an upcoming post...).

While on our trip we thought of the boys a couple of times. For instance, one night when we were in Fort Collins, we walked past this pet store that had Halloween costumes out! Who would make a better skunk, Frank or Beans? Ok now how about the grapes?? :)

On the same night we also happened to walk by a hot dog stand named King Weenie. I believe Frank would proclaim himself as the "King Weenie" ... I couldn't resist getting a picture of the sign... (and you can see a very proud Ben as well...)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Frank & Beans go shopping : Naked Decor

Ben & I are off to Colorado today for a mini-vacation to visit some family and friends. Frank & Beans are staying at home in the care of some good friends and promised they would be on their best behavior.

Today Frank & Beans are going to share some of their favorite finds at the store Naked Decor.... (why this place is called Naked Decor I have NO clue but they have some awesome stuff here that I would LOVE to fill the house with).

First up is this SUPER CUTE dog clock that they can use to count down until their next meal-time:
Unfortunately it is sold out :(

Next up is this dog lamp that they would like to use as a night light.

And finally we have these cute dog pillows. Beans wants the one with polka dots and Frank prefers the striped one.

If Frank & Beans could have it their way they'd have ALL of these dachshund pillow {Ok I just had to put that in there because look at these crazy pictures they have on their website! Shirtless guys modeling the dachshund pillows... tooo funny!!}

I wonder if we will have some new 'decorations' around the house when we return next week thanks to Frank & Beans shopping trip... guess we'll wait and see! See you all next week!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Frank & Beans are here to say "Hi! Happy Wednesday!!!"

Beans is also feelin' a little sassy and wants to show off his chompers (aaand Frank just continues to smile because he thinks he's going to get a treat after this... he's wrong...)
{translation: "don't mess..."}

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Indestructible Squeaky Toy!

Beans is here to share one of his favorite toys. It's our indestructible red squeaky bone! (I say "our" as if I play with this thing too...). It's got some crazy stitching on it that makes the toy super hard to rip into, which is great considering Beans is a monster with toys and just tears them apart. Here he demonstrates how a typical "play session" with the squeaky toy goes...
"First you must see if the toy has any holes or tears in it for easy access to the insides.... hmmmm... nope"
 "Next you stomp on it really fast and try to get it to squeak... Ahhh there it goes!!" ::smile::
 "And now you whip the toy back and forth and really fast!!" 
 {Who remembers that song "I whip my hair back and forth I whip my haair back and forth..."}
"And then you discover someone taking pictures of you and have to check out the situation .... Helloo! What are you doing? .... I'm tired.. I need a nap..."

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Ben!

On Saturday we celebrated Ben's birthday (which was yesterday). I spent all day in the kitchen baking this delicious chocolate cake for him...
 JUST KIDDING! I wish I could claim that cake, but unfortunately it is a Whole Foods original titled "Chocolate Dream".
After going out to dinner with friends we came back to enjoy some of this deliciousness. What birthday celebration isn't complete without a visit from Frank & Beans? Clearly Beans has no clue what a "Chocolate Dream" cake is (and good for him because he should never find out!)
"Hmm... I'm not too sure about this one..."
Frank on the other hand knew exactly what this was (he was going nuts over it from the minute I walked in the door with this cake). Let's just say Frank has taken it upon himself to discover what chocolate is and  LOOOVES it (despite the fact that its SO bad for him.. even deadly... more postings on that some time in the future ;) ) I could barely hold onto him for a picture!
"C'mon! C'mon! Just a little bit closer and I can nose-dive right into it!!"

I must say we've got quite the party animals, too - because here are Mr. Frank & his sidekick Sir Beans all tuckered out the next day!! Or.. at least Beans is. I think Frank is still trying to figure out how he can get on top of the island in the kitchen to finish off the remaining cake....
Sorry for the crazy horrible pic quality - it was taken from a far distance and zoomed in and just doesn't look right.. but I couldn't resist the cute-ness...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Rockin' Rudy Friday

He's back! Rudy wanted to stop by and say Hi aaaand Happy Friday!!
He also wanted to show off some of his fresh parsley snack and offer it to the Frank & Beans followers... anyone? anyone?? 

Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cars & Coffee Low Riders

On Saturday morning Ben & I went down to Fuel Coffee for a little Cars & Coffee trip. We brought our own low-riders... Frank & Beans! (HA! get it? Low Riders!!).

Frank had the privilege of sitting in my lap on the way there (AND didn't get sick by the way, which is QUITE an accomplishment)
 "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?? C'mon Ben! Drive faster!!" 

 Frank & Beans picked out their favorite car, the Masserati GranTurismo (good job boys, pick out the expensive one...). Beans does appear to be eye-ing one of a couple good lookin' Mini Coopers that were on that side of the parking lot, though.

They were both disappointed when I told them they would not be driving ANY car because 1. their little legs can't reach all the way down to the pedals, 2. their little arms/paws wouldn't grip the steering wheel or gear shift properly, and 3. they wouldn't even be able to see over the steering wheel....

and SERIOUSLY .. a dachshund behind the wheel? You've gotta be kidding me.... Can you even picture that?


Oh wait... Yeaahh... we did do that once over the winter while we were stopped at a gas station (but we tell Frank he must have been dreaming things when he thought about that...)

By the end of our Cars & Coffee trip, Frank & Beans were both tuckered out little guys. Frank could barely muster a smile, while Beans didn't even WANT to have his picture taken ("The heat and humidity really mess with my hair" - really Beans? ugh...)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peanut Butter Pup

Frank is like his momma.. he LOVES peanut butter. Every now and then I'll give him a little bit in his Kong to play with (Beans is getting there... at first he wasn't too sure about this but he's starting to become a fan!).
The last time we finished a jar up I gave it to Frank to lick clean (there wasn't much left so I knew this would only last a few minues).

He wastes NO time and takes the jar from my hand, runs off with it and wedges it between one of his pillows and blankets (gotta stabilize the jar for easy access DUH!!).

"Best day EVER!"
{look at that little paw holding the jar up!!}

When he senses Beans is approaching he does the only logical thing to keep his peanut butter treat safe... Takes it to the comforts of his cage!

When it ws all said and done (about 2-3 minutes later when we decided he'd had enough) he was one happy pup.
"Do I have anything on my whiskers??"

We're almost through with another jar (like I said... I love my PB...). Maybe we'll give Beans a shot at that jar... stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cat Walk

We're back after a busy long weekend! Frank & Beans had a nice time hanging out with us. We went on a couple fun adventures, one of which is below (and another one or two I'll share later this week!). 

We live near a cat rescue shelter, and just happen to walk by it quite frequently when we're taking the boys on a walk. The best part about the cat shelter is the big windows they have where you can see all the cats roaming the halls. Of course every time we walk by with the boys we HAVE to stop and say hi to the kitty cats ;)
"Helloooooo gentlemen" 
"I want in! I want in!! Let me in pleeeeeease??"