Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cars & Coffee Low Riders

On Saturday morning Ben & I went down to Fuel Coffee for a little Cars & Coffee trip. We brought our own low-riders... Frank & Beans! (HA! get it? Low Riders!!).

Frank had the privilege of sitting in my lap on the way there (AND didn't get sick by the way, which is QUITE an accomplishment)
 "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?? C'mon Ben! Drive faster!!" 

 Frank & Beans picked out their favorite car, the Masserati GranTurismo (good job boys, pick out the expensive one...). Beans does appear to be eye-ing one of a couple good lookin' Mini Coopers that were on that side of the parking lot, though.

They were both disappointed when I told them they would not be driving ANY car because 1. their little legs can't reach all the way down to the pedals, 2. their little arms/paws wouldn't grip the steering wheel or gear shift properly, and 3. they wouldn't even be able to see over the steering wheel....

and SERIOUSLY .. a dachshund behind the wheel? You've gotta be kidding me.... Can you even picture that?


Oh wait... Yeaahh... we did do that once over the winter while we were stopped at a gas station (but we tell Frank he must have been dreaming things when he thought about that...)

By the end of our Cars & Coffee trip, Frank & Beans were both tuckered out little guys. Frank could barely muster a smile, while Beans didn't even WANT to have his picture taken ("The heat and humidity really mess with my hair" - really Beans? ugh...)

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