Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Ben!

On Saturday we celebrated Ben's birthday (which was yesterday). I spent all day in the kitchen baking this delicious chocolate cake for him...
 JUST KIDDING! I wish I could claim that cake, but unfortunately it is a Whole Foods original titled "Chocolate Dream".
After going out to dinner with friends we came back to enjoy some of this deliciousness. What birthday celebration isn't complete without a visit from Frank & Beans? Clearly Beans has no clue what a "Chocolate Dream" cake is (and good for him because he should never find out!)
"Hmm... I'm not too sure about this one..."
Frank on the other hand knew exactly what this was (he was going nuts over it from the minute I walked in the door with this cake). Let's just say Frank has taken it upon himself to discover what chocolate is and  LOOOVES it (despite the fact that its SO bad for him.. even deadly... more postings on that some time in the future ;) ) I could barely hold onto him for a picture!
"C'mon! C'mon! Just a little bit closer and I can nose-dive right into it!!"

I must say we've got quite the party animals, too - because here are Mr. Frank & his sidekick Sir Beans all tuckered out the next day!! Or.. at least Beans is. I think Frank is still trying to figure out how he can get on top of the island in the kitchen to finish off the remaining cake....
Sorry for the crazy horrible pic quality - it was taken from a far distance and zoomed in and just doesn't look right.. but I couldn't resist the cute-ness...

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