Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peanut Butter Pup

Frank is like his momma.. he LOVES peanut butter. Every now and then I'll give him a little bit in his Kong to play with (Beans is getting there... at first he wasn't too sure about this but he's starting to become a fan!).
The last time we finished a jar up I gave it to Frank to lick clean (there wasn't much left so I knew this would only last a few minues).

He wastes NO time and takes the jar from my hand, runs off with it and wedges it between one of his pillows and blankets (gotta stabilize the jar for easy access DUH!!).

"Best day EVER!"
{look at that little paw holding the jar up!!}

When he senses Beans is approaching he does the only logical thing to keep his peanut butter treat safe... Takes it to the comforts of his cage!

When it ws all said and done (about 2-3 minutes later when we decided he'd had enough) he was one happy pup.
"Do I have anything on my whiskers??"

We're almost through with another jar (like I said... I love my PB...). Maybe we'll give Beans a shot at that jar... stay tuned!

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