Friday, May 31, 2013

Playground Adventures

One of our adventures over the long weekend was to the playground down the street. The little chiefs had lots of fun running around all the playground equipment.. check it out!

"Yeaaah! Party at the playground!!!"

{trottin' like a Clydesdale...}

We started off with a little tic-tac-toe game.. Beans was up first... 
"Alright... I'm gonna pick..... this one... thanks for the spot Pops..."

"Let's see Beans... that was an excellent move but I think I'm going to moooove..... this... one..... "
{for the sake of the picture I guess it would have been smart to change the X's & O's...}

Then Beans has to play the little watch dog .... 
..followed by Frank who decided to 'bark without a purpose' (as we call it...)

Then we climbed up to the top to check out the slide!
"I'm the king of the playground!!!"

And then it was time to go home... 

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jokes from Beans!

Not only is Beans back with some jokes, but this time he's got a funny picture of his own! Check out this crazy picture we got of Beans when we were at the playground over the weekend!!

Q: What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer day?
A: I'm bacon!!!

Q: Where do horses live?
A: In neigh-borhoods!

Q: Why do birds fly south in the winter?
A: Because it's too far to walk!!

Q: What do you call a cross between a parrot and a centipede?
A: A walkie-talkie!!!!!

and now for the grand finale.... (thank youuuuu Pinterest!)
dogs in nylons/tights/panty hose.... 

Beans says Thank Goodness we have little legs!! {this might rank up there with the dog eyebrows pic...}

Happy Thursday everyone! We're almost at the weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mini Cooper Adventures

Frank & Beans had an awesome long Memorial Day weekend! We went on a few trips and adventures and got WORN OUT!

A favorite/funny memory of the weekend went something like this on Saturday morning :

Ben : I think I'm going to bring the dogs to Cars & Coffee this morning
Allyson : Alright, well I'm not going so are you sure? The chiefs tend to get super rowdy when they see other dogs there.. and Frank has this car-sick thing going on...
Ben : Noo no no no .. it'll be fine. I'll drive careful, it's Ok. Just hand me a few paper towels in case he gets sick .... 

20 minutes later I get a text with a picture...

Some-dog. didn't. make. it.

For the sake of everyone's breakfast/lunch/dinner/whatever, I cropped out  some uh.. 'extra' footage....(and besides I know nobody else reeeally wants to see this stuff...)
"Dude... she warned you... "

Frank : "Man, I didn't realize I had that in me..."
Beans : "O.. M.. G Frank you are so gross. I can't believe you just did that all over
the back of Ben's car... good thing you didn't get it on my sweet polo

So yeah, Frank let loose in the MINI, but ended up still enjoying Cars & Coffee. When he got home he ate a second breakfast to make up for the one he lost {best day EVER}... and then we went on a walk and had a fun afternoon!

Also, in yesterday's Frankly Speaking, Frank referenced a video of a dachshund and a lion becoming friends. Late in the day Frank realized that the specific video was taken down. We found another (the original) to share with you in case you missed yesterdays!
Here's an article about it, too!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got a question from Gismo the rat terrier.  Gismo asks "Frank, you seem to be quite the social animal; I need some advice on how to make more friends - human or dog.  I've been trying to get to know my human neighbor when he is in the backyard but every-time I bark at him I get sprayed with the garden hose!  Frank, please teach me your ways!"

Dear Soaked Pooch,
Thanks for reaching out for help.  I saw this movie once where this critter named Gismo had some issues when exposed to water - and my goodness don't eat after midnight!  See below for the results!  Hope that doesn't happen to you!

Anyway, friendships are based on trust and mutual admiration.  Let's start with the trust part first.  The best way to quickly build trust is by doing a trust fall exercise exercise.  You may remember this from the movie Mean Girls or experienced this when pledging a fraternity as I did.  The idea is that you fall uninhibited and you trust your new friend(s) catch you.  I don't recommend searching YouTube for Trust Fall Fail Videos - that would poke holes in my advice.

Come on - we will catch you ;).

Lastly, let's address mutual admiration.  Admiration comes in many forms - taking an interest in your friends hobbies, interests or selfless acts to benefit another.  My advice is to assist your new friends with their personal hygiene.  Telling you friend when he has spinach stuck in his teeth or heck even getting a 'bit more involved' will certainly bolster your new friendship - check out the video below of my buddy Milo and his feline friend!

Get out there and be somebody!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Post Walk Pooped Pooches

We've been doing lots of walks recently (and I'll try to get some of those pics posted soon .. or maybe some of our trips to the park.. since those are probably more exciting to look at lately)... we usually do a couple a day and they range between 15-30 minutes... and between the combination of some HOT weather and multiple walks a day... Frank and Beans are pooped pooches by the time we're finished!!
Exhibit A :

"Excuse me ... would you mind? I'm trying to take a nap... " 

"No cameras, please...."


Exhibit B : 
"Could I please have a snack? Maybe some peanut butter? I need to get my energy back...  please.... "

Frank & Beans are going to take a few days off for the long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day! We'll be back next week, but we are going to try and post a few fun things on our Facebook page throughout the weekend, so be sure to "Like" it for updates!! :) 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I have to get serious for a minute.  There is a topic close to my heart that I need to address - but before I start I need your undivided attention.

Of the many life skills one must learn - one rises above all the others.  No, I don't mean looking both directions or candy from strangers.  When you are hungry like me you accept any free food especially candy - the calories don't count if it makes you happy - just look at Beans... he loves eating weeds from the backyard and still keeps his Air Bud figure.

Anyways, I'm getting off topic - throwing successful cookouts are a skill one must have in order to get to the front of the pack (hehe it's funny cuz it's got a double meaning).  There are 3 variables one must PWN in order to have a cookout your guests will tell all of their friends at the local dog park about.

1.  Music - Don't be cheap and play the radio - go to the library and borrow some tunes.  It's not piracy because you aren't ripping them and returning them like some people I know.

Make sure you setup a playlist with fun songs that make folks want to kick back with their favorite bowl of water and squeaky toy.  Here is my fav. song of the moment. By those cool dudes you all know: Blurred Lines: Robin Thicke, Pharrel and T.I.

PS: Did you know Robin Thicke's dad is Alan Thicke?  Yeh it was news to me too! 

2.  Food - Make sure you bring food that I - I mean er um the guests would like.  I prefer foods that don't  include the words Hot Dog or Sausage - both used to describe Dachshunds they aren't exactly flattering.  If you forget that's fine - I get first dibs!

You get the idea!  It's funny cuz it's a double meaning!

3.  Games - Don't forget it's all about your guests - you need to have something fun for them to do.  Like cornhole or tossing my favorite toy until I get tired.  My record for fetch or what I like to call a "A Game of Wits" is 61 returns.  Beat that Lassie - only thing that has me beat is this little guy from across the pond!

Yes we can be taught - looks like we don't need humans after all!

In summary - its all about your guests and making sure they have a good time (ha yeh right).  Get out there and celebrate Memorial Day in style with these timeless tips!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Itchy Beans

Because we had a pretty good weekend (minus a little bit of rain here and there), we spent a lot of time outside! This included several walks!!
We came back from a walk on Saturday to some freshly mowed grass. Beans must have been SO excited about it that he wanted to roll around in it...... in all he fresh glass clippings...

Sooo our little man was coooovered in grass clippings. We brushed him off and came inside where Beans decided to finish cleaning off! Here's a clip I got... crazy little guy...

Happy Monday! Don't forget to submit your questions/call for advice/you name it over to Frank for Tuesday's Frankly Speaking! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Eye Brown Challenge Results + Obie!

Soooo we're a little disappointed in our fan base here at The Daily Frank & Beans considering we got a whopping 1 picture submitted for the Dog Eyebrow Challenge.... {and I know Frank & Beans have a lot of fans.. and a LOT of those fans are dog owners... I'm talking about YOU .... and YOU... and you too!!!}

First we'll start with the inspiration ...
{yep... still laughing...}

Ok.. so here he is.. it's Brinkley with eyebrows!!! 
Brinkley sporting some AWESOME chalk eyebrows!! The best part of this story is that Brinkley surprised his mother with these sweet eyebrows when she came home from work. Imagine leaving for work and your dog looks like he always does, and then coming home to a dog with white eybrows! Hilarious!! 

And then there's Frank... Frank is also sporting some chalk eyebrows, but in a yellow color... 
(they just look so happy with eyebrows!!!)
{note to self : drawing eyebrows on a dog is NOT easy...}

So.. Beans.. well.. he doesn't really have the right 'hair type' to allow us to draw eyebrows on him (lucky Beans).. and hes been groomed recently, otherwise we'd be able to really play with his brows...
I mean look what we had to work with !!!

If we had more length to Beans eyebrows I'd probably wet 'em up a little bit and twist them so they're pointy... yupp.. lucky Beans.. 

Or maybe we just give him a little Gandalf look (I didn't even know who this was until I started looking up crazy eyebrows).
Sooo if you ever decide to give your dog eyebrows please send them on over and we'll feature them!!

Also, Frank & Beans want to give a special shout out to Obie the dachshund who recently had a tummy tuck! Last August, Obie weighed in at a hefty 77lbs and today he weighs 34lbs!! Because he's lost so much weight and his slim physique he had to have some skin removed. Check out this video of him from CNN.

Have a great weekend everybody! Happy Friday!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A gift for Beans!

So on Tuesday it was Beans adoption anniversary! Yesterday we saw some of Beans best moments from his first year ... today we're sharing the little gift we got Beans (as if he even knew there was a reason to celebrate)...
A new rawhide bone!!!
"This wink is for YOU ;) " 
Beans was occupied with his new toy ALL NIGHT.. and looked like a hot mess after we (sadly) had to take it away from him.. 
And of course you can't get one dog a toy and not the other, so Frank got a toy too.. a stuffing-free bird with not one but TWO squeakies!
Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beans Adoption Anniversary

So yesterday was Beans adoption anniversary! A year ago we brought this little guy home to be a part of our family!

Here are some favorite Beans memories from the past year...

 ... meeting Frank, his new BFF...
... taking part in the "kitchen aid mixer" incident...
 ... trying on a prison jumpsuit for Halloween that (thankfully for him) didn't fit!
 ... dressing up as a sheriff for Halloween...
 ... watching his buddy Frank race in the Cincinnati Cyclones Wiener Dog Race! (and pretending to have his first Hudy)
 ... going to the DETROIT AUTO SHOW!!
... helping Ben out with some Beans Bicep Curls..
... walking 3.1 miles in the MS Walk back in April...
... hanging out with Macklemore in his Thrift Shop video

AND SO many more...!

DONT FORGET to submit a picture of your pooch with some crazy eyebrows for the Dog Eyebrow Challenge!! Today's the last day!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Quattro from the dirty-D writes to me this week with a very important question:  "Dear Frank, my buddies and I were having a debate and need some resolution.  We can't seem agree on the best animal-themed movie ever made - please help!"

First things first - GO TIGERS!!  Ok - now that we got that out of the way...phew.  Ok here we go - animal-themed movies.

#3 Lady and The Tramp
This is an emotional one to discuss - after all, my girlfriend is no longer, so I am accepting applications for a new girlfriend to share spaghetti with (and any food - I'm really not picky)! Anyway - everyone knows the famous kiss scene - plus this is one of the first animated movies that made it big.  Classic boy meets girl flick.

#2 Finding Nemo
All great stories have adventures.  Finding Nemo spans great lengths in its story - and Nemo has a funny little fin that he learns to overcome (spoiler alert!).  Nemo also meets some pretty cool turtles along the way!

Lastly, and coming in first is Homeward Bound!  If you haven't seen this one its a can't miss film. I'm not much of a fan of Sassy the cat, however Chance and Shadow are pretty awesome.  This movie reminds me of the adventures we go on in the backyard sans mountain ranges and cougars.

Go check these out and let me know what you think!  Beans approved this message - we screened all of these films to ensure no dogs were harmed during their filming!

Also, don't forget to submit your dog eyebrow challenge photos to my humans! I don't want to be the only dog on this blog with a poorly made unibrow!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fritz & Freida Monday

Frank & Beans had a busy Saturday! We started off with a dog-park-play-date with Brinkley! I'm not sure why I didn't get any pictures but Frank had a GREAT time..
Beans was a little more stressed. He doesn't do as well around a lot of other dogs... and must have KNOWN what we were doing on the drive down... Here he is, mentally preparing for the event... 
 {in his polo looking SO cute...}
After the dog-park-play-date we took a walk and got some coffee at a little coffee/wine bar while the dogs chilled and just looked cute (and got MANY compliments from people passing by). As we were walking home we heard some barking from a lighting shop... Who do we find inside?? THESE GUYS!!
Meet Fritz & Freida (sp?)!! Fritz & Freida are brothers & sister long-haired doxies who were visiting the lighting shop for the day!
 "My name is Frank! I'm a long-haired-dapple-dachshund. Who are you?"
There was so much excitement going on.. Frank could hardly contain himself.  The dogs were going so crazy I could barely get a good picture!
Frank found his TWIN!!!!
{poor Frank, he's never had a proper "working" tail....}
We did a little intro with Beans... he did OK. We even saw his tail wagging when he met Freida.... we think he might have had a thing for Freida... (of course didn't get a good picture of that either :(
"Popping my collar makes me look so much cooler"
Hopefully we'll get to see Fritz & Freida when we're in the area again real soon!! Happy Monday!

{don't forget about the Dog Eyebrows Challenge!!}

Friday, May 10, 2013

RIP Franks Girlfriend + the Dog Eyebrow Challenge!

Well.. a familiar friend of Frank's is no more....
Frank's girlfriend has officially bit the dust.
She usually hangs out in his cage with him but for a while she was on top of a bookshelf. Well, one afternoon recently we were getting ready to head out, put the boys in their cage and I threw the girlfriend in for Frank. Clearly Frank was not happy that we were leaving and decided to take his aggression out on his girlfriend. We got home to a giant pile of stuffing in the corner of his cage.
The girlfriend is officially toast.

Here are some favorite memories of Frank's GF :
{for the full effect I suggest playing this song and scrolling through ... }

We will be on the hunt for a new girlfriend (Frank has a "birthday" coming up soon anyways) - so he will only be without for a short while.

So apparently the dog with eyebrows was a huge hit yesterday. We got a lot of people telling us how funny it was (I bet it made you laugh all day too, right??). I bet some of you went home, looked at your dog, and wondered what he/she would look like with eyebrows, right?
SO.. why not give it a try? Send us your picture (check the contact page) by next Wednesday and I'll post 'em up at the end of next week! Come oooon do it!! It'll be fun!!
Get creative with your eyebrows.. there are plenty of ways to give dogs eyebrows! {if I had any prizes I'd even give some out!!.. but I don't have any prizes... :( }
Who knows.. maybe we'll even try and give Frank or Beans some eyebrows :)

Happy Friday!!!
{yeah.. had to post it again....}