Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Post Walk Pooped Pooches

We've been doing lots of walks recently (and I'll try to get some of those pics posted soon .. or maybe some of our trips to the park.. since those are probably more exciting to look at lately)... we usually do a couple a day and they range between 15-30 minutes... and between the combination of some HOT weather and multiple walks a day... Frank and Beans are pooped pooches by the time we're finished!!
Exhibit A :

"Excuse me ... would you mind? I'm trying to take a nap... " 

"No cameras, please...."


Exhibit B : 
"Could I please have a snack? Maybe some peanut butter? I need to get my energy back...  please.... "

Frank & Beans are going to take a few days off for the long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day! We'll be back next week, but we are going to try and post a few fun things on our Facebook page throughout the weekend, so be sure to "Like" it for updates!! :) 

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