Friday, May 3, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Frank & Beans want to take this fabulous Friday to remind you of a few things...
1. You can sign up to get Daily Frank & Beans eMails!! Enter your eMail address in the box under "follow by eMail"... (someewheeeere..... over there... --------->). You'll get every day's post sent right to your inbox!

2. They have a Facebook fan page!! Be sure to check it out and Like them!! Share with your friends!

3. They LOVE getting eMails! Have a question or need advice from Frank? He'd love to help you out on a future Frankly Speaking! Find a great joke for Beans to share? Send it on over! Have a special request or idea for a Frank & Beans adventure? We'd love to see it! Have a furry friend who'd like to be featured - let's see!!

4. Share the The Daily Frank & Beans with your friends!!!

and finally...


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