Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Recap

Frank & Beans had an awesome weekend.. lots of walks... a few visitors AND Cinco de Mayo!

Soo.. Ben & I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a delicious meal cooked at home, including some homemade salsa... delicious right? Frank must have been jealous, because when we got up to put dishes away, SOMEONE had to help himself to the salsa as well. He didn't get into much but definitely had a good taste because for a while afterwards he couldn't stop licking his lips and nose!!
Didn't get any good pictures except for this...
"You could have at least left some chips out for me!!"
I did find Frank situated in this funny position over the weekend after we got back from a walk. How did he think that would be comfortable? He might as well have asked for a beer from me...
Happy monday!!

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