Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whats up Beans?

If you can believe it, Beans is back with ANOTHER JOKE!! This one submitted by a fellow Frank & Beans fan...

What did one Bean say to the other Bean? 

How you Bean??

If you have a joke that you think would be great for Beans to share, send it on over ! Check out the Contact page for Frank & Beans PERSONAL eMail address ;)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spa Day!

We had a "spa day" on Sunday night.. baths and haircuts for Frank & Beans!
Frank got a lil' trim on his ears... which seems to have taken off AT LEAST 5 dog-years...
Before (in Frank's photo shoot)

Beans was in need of some major hair trimming.. Here's our little man before his spa appointment : 
 aaaand after...  
Check out that fluffy hair!!
 and those big beady eyes!!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Super Bowl 47 is coming up next weekend so I wasn't surprised to get questions about who will win the game: Raven's or 49'ers.  The answer is simple - the 49'ers will win because they have the best QB.  Let's get to the more important topic - the commercials!  Here are my top 3 from the past!

#1 Herding Cats: Bean and I love cats - wish I had this many to play with!

#2 Dog Strikes Back: This one reminds me of my weight loss journey!

#3 Riding the Dog: Best Quote of this video - Hey Max, you know I wanted a bird!?"

Monday, January 28, 2013

Auto Show Recap

Over the weekend we all piled in the car and headed up to Toledo and then Detroit for the Auto Show. Frank was really looking forward to attending and checking out some of the new cars.
The ride up looked a little something like this .... 
"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I'm hungry ... are we there yet?" 

So when we finally got to the Auto Show we headed over to some of Frank & Beans favorite cars. It's amazing how we were able to sneak past security and the doormen and everything!
First up was the new Mini Cooper Paceman. Beans said he's been looking for a nice set of wheels to pick up some chicks in ...

Then we stopped by some micro-sized car exhibit (?) and came along this lovely little guy. This happened to be Rudy's favorite. As you can see it was perfectly sized just for him.

And then was the long awaited 2014 Corvette Stingray. Seeing this car was all that Frank could talk about for the past few days, so when we finally got up to seeing it, Frank couldn't help but jump right on up into the drivers seat to see how he'd look.. 
"0-60 in less than 4 seconds will get me down to Pet Smart for some treats REALLY fast! What do you think? Is red a good color for me?" 

We told Frank he needed to work on saving his money so that he could place an order for the car when they go on sale in April.. then he has a few more months to save up until he can pick it up in September. We'll see what happens with that...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Blast from the Past Friday with Frank

Blast from the past! I was looking at pictures from a year ago around this time and found these little gems of Frank playing with this rope/tennis ball toy... he was obviously quite protective of the toy...
 .... and not so much his girlfriend who's just tossed off to the side...

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Steppin' up

So as you know, Frank & Beans got some steps a few weeks ago to help them get up onto the couch.
At first it was a little tricky to get the boys to use the steps but with some practice they're beginning to use the steps more and more.
Bean is now a PROFESSIONAL at the steps. He knows they lead him to the comfy blankets...

Frank on the other hand.. well .. he knows the steps exist..
"Uh oh, she's watching me... I guess I'd better pretend to be really enthusiastic about this..."

 "See? Look.. I walked up the steps. Yay.. Whoop-de-dooo. Can I have a treat?"

 "Maybe if I look really cute and pose on the steps she'll give me a treat.. let's give this a try..."

"This is my serious face. Very... serious... focused"

"Hey Baby.. how you doooin?"

"Puppy-dog eyes? Maybe? Treat? Please? .. no ...? :: sigh :: "

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunday Morning Wakeup!

Hi! My name is Beans, and want to know what my FAVORITE part of the weekend is?

Waking up at 6am and barking until my mama comes down to let me out and run around and play!!!
Who sleeps in on the weekends anyways?? Seriously ...

Hi! I'm Frank.. and want to know how I feel about sleeping in on the weekend? I miss it! ...because every weekend now my crazy brother Beans decides its his mission to wake EVERYONE up in the house at the crack of dawn so he can come out and play!
Nobody else wants to play at 6am on a Sunday.... just Beans... poor old Beans. I'm sure Rudy would love to play with Beans but that wouldn't turn out too well for Rudy...

{true story.. 6am on a Sunday.. 630 on Saturday ... but who can resist that cute little face?? Not me.. at least for a few minutes until I lay back down on the couch to get another hour or so of sleep...}

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rudy Takeover : Pepper the Parrot's Bird Buggy

So Tuesdays are typically Frankly Speaking days where we let Frank ramble on about some odd topic or answer a viewer's question. We're switchin' it up this week while we do a few computer updates/backups and other fun stuff. In the meantime we have a video that Rudy would be a big fan of..
I found this article on {one of my regular "news" websites... yep..} and can not get over this video!

Meet Pepper the African Grey parrot... his owner built him a bird buggy.. A BIRD BUGGY!! Its got some crazy features like a joystick to control the direction, bump sensors, and infrared sensors to keep the buggy from running into things. How cool! AND Pepper is a pretty good driver... You've got to watch the video to see these skills.
Rudy says if Pepper's owner extended the perch just a little bit there'd be enough room for Rudy to sit right next to him and be his companion on the road!
Anyways - enough talk -- heres the video.. enjoy! :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fuzzy Pink Blanket Friday

It's Friday.. and Frank & Beans are pumped! I asked them what they plan to do this weekend and this is what they showed me ....
{I translated that to "wrapping up in pink fuzzy blankets and watching movies all weekend like Frankenweenie" ...}
Sounds like quite a weekend, and a long weekend at that since we have Monday off! I'm sure a walk or two around the neighbhood will be in store to get these lazy bums up and moving.... have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Frank & Beans New Years Recap {failed}

So I just realized that I never posted our attempt at New Years photos... why? Because they weren't that great. The boys just weren't cooperating...
I had this vision.... and even set the stage to show how they'd be partying the night away....
... all I wanted was for the 2 boys to sit in their 'party attire' and pose for a picture or two ...
This is what I got...
"Ooooh treat! treat!" 
{i love his little legs!!}
 Knockin' bottles down... 
"Frank! Just sit here right in front of the camera!"
Aaand this was the best shot we could get... 
...of course Frank is only focused on the treat...... figures..
Despite all the hard work trying to show how the boys spent their NYE evening... I'm sure they partied like a rock star just like this...
"I heard there was a champagne toast at midnight?"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Funny from Beans

Because Beans' first joke was SUCH a success, he's decided to bring you another funny... this time in a video format...
So Beans was surfin' the web last night and came across this commercial for Jack in the Box...

Remember this Frankly Speaking ... ? Well, Beans found something even better!

A commercial on YouTube about Jack In the Box... WITH WIENER DOG LASERS!!

{its about 13 seconds in...}

Anyways - we all got a good laugh out of this video and hope you do too!

NOW -- if you know of any good dachshund or even just dog jokes in general, send them over to Beans (eMail address on the Contact page!) and your joke may be featured on an upcoming Joke from Beans!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frankly Speaking

I received an email from Biff from T Town - Biff writes "Dear Frank - With all of the excitement of the North American Auto Show (aka The Detroit Auto Show)  starting today thru the end of the month what are you most pumped for?"

Dear Gearhead Biffmeister -  Between the Westminster Dog Show and the Auto Show I can't even pick my favorite, both are can't miss events!  The trick to going to the auto show is getting in unnoticed!  Given my small stature I must be very cautious as to not let anyone discover my true identity - I have had good luck with disguises of famous people.  My favorite is Bob Marley -

Looks just like old Tuff Gong!
Once inside I plan to head right over to the Audi booth (GERMAN ENGINEERING) and check out the new Audi RS7!  It makes me proud of Deutschland to see this fire breather coming to the market stateside!  With 560 horsepower, adaptive air suspension, torque vectoring, an optional sport differential and sport suspension this muscle car will get you to Pet Smart in NO TIME FLAT!  Come on now a dog has to eat!

Who wouldn't want to roll up to the dog park in one of these bad boys??!

Last but not least I am pumped to see the new redesigned 7th Generation Corvette (C7).  The Vette is hard not to love especially given the history!  Critics of the Corvette have long criticized it's interior for its lackluster comfort in seating.  I'm happy to say that my road trips to Cars and Coffee are going to be SO much easier once my owners put one of these in the garage now that GM has redesigned the seats for long range comfort.  Love it or hate it the new Vette looks sharp!

Detroit Muscle!

I plan to take some pictures so look forward to them in 2 weeks when I return!  Beans is SOOOOO jealous!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Favorite Hangout Spot

So one day over the holidays while I was cleaning I thought I lost Beans....
Turns out he was just stayin' warm by the heating vent....
"Gooosh.. why are you yelling my name? Can't a dachshund get a little sleep around here??"
This is Frank & Beans favorite new hangout spot around the house -- they park themselves right by the heat vent and just chill (heat up??) for HOURS... and it looks a little something like this...

Happy Monday everyone! Enjoy your week!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Stairway to the couch

We got some steps! A friend and fan of Frank & Beans who no longer needed them gave us not one but TWO sets of steps over the weekend (Thank you!!!). Frank has quite a set of legs on him (he's jumped the baby gate "blocking" him in the kitchen before), and he LOVES to jump up onto the couch. To try and save a vet bill or two we decided having some steps might help us out.

Here is Beans modeling the steps off... and Frank checking them out
Beans is a little hesitant with the steps, and at the moment prefers to put his front legs on the second step up and stretch his back out but we're making slow progress... 
Frank on the other hand FLIES up the steps ... (when he chooses to take them...)
Action shot!!
It's quite an accomplishment when we do make it up the steps though ...
Have a good weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bicep Curls with Beans

Had enough with the ol' treadmill routine? Looking for a few new moves to do when working out? Why not try some Beans Bicep curls...
At about 12lbs Beans provides just the right amount of weight to help you feel the burn. 
It also helps when you're wearing your fabulous "Frank and Beans" t-shirt :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blast from the Past : cashed out Frank

So I had these amazing plans to post a picture of how Frank & Beans spent their New Years Eve... photoshoot = failed.. so I'll try again this afternoon (yeah I know its past NYE but whatever). In its place you get this BLAST FROM THE PAST from about a year ago where I snapped this picture of a ca$hed out Frank.....

{yep... this is what happens when my plans for an awesome post go wrong..... hopefully we'll have better luck later today...}

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Frankly Speaking

In last week's column I wrote about one of my New Years resolutions for 2013.
Today I'd like to talk about one more... its how I plan on keeping my body long (check!) and lean & slim and trim.  You may recall my health last December (2011).  Let's just say I wasn't always a svelte boy like I am now.  Reference picture below - I was the one on the right side of the chart (the overfilled ballon).  Anyway's I've come along way to my healthy 14 lbs (vs previous 18!) thanks to a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

You know you Doxie is healthy when,........
Here are a few of my friends showing you how to do it right - doing their thing on the treadmill - a healthy dachshund is a happy one!  Look how much they enjoy the treadmill - the little guy in the middle is busy yawning but he does really enjoy it!

And what happens if you don't keep your doxie exercised?  We have lots of energy like my buddy Beans!  What happens when Beans has lots of energy?  He barks at 4:47am on weekdays and 8:15am on weekends no matter what you are doing - even if you are trying to sleep like me!  

Frank's advice: Walk your dog darnit!  You won't regret it and your pooch will thank you!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Frank & Beans Christmas Recap!

So we're almost 2 weeks past Christmas but better late than never, eh? Frank and Beans are probably two of the most spoiled dogs on the planet.. just sayin' cause they had a great Christmas. Let's get started!
Frank was way more involved in the gift opening process than Beans who preferred to sit back and relax...
 First up...
a new Bobo for Frank!!
He was puuuuumped...
{aaaand that concludes the actual gift opening pictures.... }
As seen in the first picture, Beans got a new dog bed just like Franks!! AAAND he loves it...
First, testing it out...
....and then chillin' in it later that night. One of his new favorite spots to hang out around the house...
"Ahhhhh this is the life..."
They also got this chicken-flavored plastic (?) bone thing to chew on.  It's mostly for Beans because hes quite destructive with any type of stuffed toy, but so far Frank has shown the most interest in it..
And then there were these little mint-flavored treat thingies I saw at the pet store. I thought it would be an AWESOME idea for a mint-flavored treat to help with their stinky breath... 
... negative. 
Frank won't even give it a try... Beans will nibble at it but I'm sure he'd prefer some carrots or green beans as a treat instead. 

OH WAIT... and whats this that Frank is hiding?? Looks like something we've seen before...
Come back later this week to find out what Christmas gift Frank is hiding!
Enjoy your Monday!