Monday, January 28, 2013

Auto Show Recap

Over the weekend we all piled in the car and headed up to Toledo and then Detroit for the Auto Show. Frank was really looking forward to attending and checking out some of the new cars.
The ride up looked a little something like this .... 
"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I'm hungry ... are we there yet?" 

So when we finally got to the Auto Show we headed over to some of Frank & Beans favorite cars. It's amazing how we were able to sneak past security and the doormen and everything!
First up was the new Mini Cooper Paceman. Beans said he's been looking for a nice set of wheels to pick up some chicks in ...

Then we stopped by some micro-sized car exhibit (?) and came along this lovely little guy. This happened to be Rudy's favorite. As you can see it was perfectly sized just for him.

And then was the long awaited 2014 Corvette Stingray. Seeing this car was all that Frank could talk about for the past few days, so when we finally got up to seeing it, Frank couldn't help but jump right on up into the drivers seat to see how he'd look.. 
"0-60 in less than 4 seconds will get me down to Pet Smart for some treats REALLY fast! What do you think? Is red a good color for me?" 

We told Frank he needed to work on saving his money so that he could place an order for the car when they go on sale in April.. then he has a few more months to save up until he can pick it up in September. We'll see what happens with that...

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