Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Frankly Speaking

In last week's column I wrote about one of my New Years resolutions for 2013.
Today I'd like to talk about one more... its how I plan on keeping my body long (check!) and lean & slim and trim.  You may recall my health last December (2011).  Let's just say I wasn't always a svelte boy like I am now.  Reference picture below - I was the one on the right side of the chart (the overfilled ballon).  Anyway's I've come along way to my healthy 14 lbs (vs previous 18!) thanks to a healthy diet and lots of exercise.

You know you Doxie is healthy when,........
Here are a few of my friends showing you how to do it right - doing their thing on the treadmill - a healthy dachshund is a happy one!  Look how much they enjoy the treadmill - the little guy in the middle is busy yawning but he does really enjoy it!

And what happens if you don't keep your doxie exercised?  We have lots of energy like my buddy Beans!  What happens when Beans has lots of energy?  He barks at 4:47am on weekdays and 8:15am on weekends no matter what you are doing - even if you are trying to sleep like me!  

Frank's advice: Walk your dog darnit!  You won't regret it and your pooch will thank you!

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