Friday, January 4, 2013

A Very Dachshund Christmas

Ben & I got quite a few dachshund gifts this year and are so excited about them we wanted to share them with you!
First up is this life-size (literally life-sized) sculpture of a dachshund from a couple of our friends! It is from HodesH Gallery and was made out of old gas cans (gas cans... if I remember correctly).
 {I love his little tail!!}
It's just a liiiittle smaller than Beans, who got a little curious and knocked it over the first time he saw it.
Now Beans won't go near it ...  

Next up is another sculpture.. this time made out of spark plugs! It is a custom-made piece made just for us of a guy and girl (see the skirt??) walking 2 dachshunds. It came from the artist Spark Plug Guy.
{could you imagine if Frank & Beans were the same proportion in real life as they are in the sculpture?? AHH}
What is that dachshund-like-looking picture in the corner of the shot above? Oh, well, that's another gift! Ben got me this super cute print from Retro Pets of the Darling Dachshund Best Friend Blend!
It doesn't have a permanent spot in our house yet, as we have a kitchen-painting project coming up very soon, but once we're done we'll get it hung on the wall and share it again.
I'm also eye-balling the Wigglebutt Biscuits print as well as the Dapper Doxie Short 'N' Sout one on the Retro Pets site:) {my birthday is now officially less than 6 months away.. take note!}
There are a bunch of other dog breed prints on the Retro Pets website too - check it out!!

Up next.. Yes I said "up next" as in we got even MORE dachshund gifts for Christmas...
... is this ceramic dachshund-shaped "jug". We aren't sure what it held originally as it came from an antiques store, and he's a little extra round but that's makes him super cute!! It will soon have a little home in our kitchen on a shelf somewhere.
{it says "Man's Best Friend" on the side}
Anybody have any ideas of what originally went inside him? The loop on the tail is big enough to fit your hand in, as if to pour something out of his neck when you take the lid (his head) off. Unfortunately there are no other markings on the piece so we don't know of a company or artist this came from.

Also for the kitchen are these super cute measuring spoons... !
Not sure how accurate they are because the 1T looks pretty big, but ahh love it!!

....aaand finally one of my favorites.. a Frank and Beans t-shirt!!!
{shout out to the UD ornament that just happens to be poking out right under Beans.. Go Flyers!}
Yep - Ben got a t-shirt that has the names of his 2 best {dog-}friends on them...(there's also a little Heinz logo that you can't see right where Frank-the-dog is positioned...). Now, if only we could get t-shirts like this that would fit the dogs! Hmm.... 

Stay tuned next week to see all the goodies that Frank & Beans got for Christmas (spoiled dogs...). Have a great weekend everybody!

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