Friday, January 11, 2013

Stairway to the couch

We got some steps! A friend and fan of Frank & Beans who no longer needed them gave us not one but TWO sets of steps over the weekend (Thank you!!!). Frank has quite a set of legs on him (he's jumped the baby gate "blocking" him in the kitchen before), and he LOVES to jump up onto the couch. To try and save a vet bill or two we decided having some steps might help us out.

Here is Beans modeling the steps off... and Frank checking them out
Beans is a little hesitant with the steps, and at the moment prefers to put his front legs on the second step up and stretch his back out but we're making slow progress... 
Frank on the other hand FLIES up the steps ... (when he chooses to take them...)
Action shot!!
It's quite an accomplishment when we do make it up the steps though ...
Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. Ahaha the pic of Frank bounding up the stairs is awesome!

  2. Yes.. he feels the need to RUN up the stairs as fast as he can instead of slowly step up them like little Beans..