Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rudy Takeover : Pepper the Parrot's Bird Buggy

So Tuesdays are typically Frankly Speaking days where we let Frank ramble on about some odd topic or answer a viewer's question. We're switchin' it up this week while we do a few computer updates/backups and other fun stuff. In the meantime we have a video that Rudy would be a big fan of..
I found this article on People.com {one of my regular "news" websites... yep.. People.com...} and can not get over this video!

Meet Pepper the African Grey parrot... his owner built him a bird buggy.. A BIRD BUGGY!! Its got some crazy features like a joystick to control the direction, bump sensors, and infrared sensors to keep the buggy from running into things. How cool! AND Pepper is a pretty good driver... You've got to watch the video to see these skills.
Rudy says if Pepper's owner extended the perch just a little bit there'd be enough room for Rudy to sit right next to him and be his companion on the road!
Anyways - enough talk -- heres the video.. enjoy! :)

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