Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sunday Morning Wakeup!

Hi! My name is Beans, and want to know what my FAVORITE part of the weekend is?

Waking up at 6am and barking until my mama comes down to let me out and run around and play!!!
Who sleeps in on the weekends anyways?? Seriously ...

Hi! I'm Frank.. and want to know how I feel about sleeping in on the weekend? I miss it! ...because every weekend now my crazy brother Beans decides its his mission to wake EVERYONE up in the house at the crack of dawn so he can come out and play!
Nobody else wants to play at 6am on a Sunday.... just Beans... poor old Beans. I'm sure Rudy would love to play with Beans but that wouldn't turn out too well for Rudy...

{true story.. 6am on a Sunday.. 630 on Saturday ... but who can resist that cute little face?? Not me.. at least for a few minutes until I lay back down on the couch to get another hour or so of sleep...}