Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frankly Speaking

I received an email from Biff from T Town - Biff writes "Dear Frank - With all of the excitement of the North American Auto Show (aka The Detroit Auto Show)  starting today thru the end of the month what are you most pumped for?"

Dear Gearhead Biffmeister -  Between the Westminster Dog Show and the Auto Show I can't even pick my favorite, both are can't miss events!  The trick to going to the auto show is getting in unnoticed!  Given my small stature I must be very cautious as to not let anyone discover my true identity - I have had good luck with disguises of famous people.  My favorite is Bob Marley -

Looks just like old Tuff Gong!
Once inside I plan to head right over to the Audi booth (GERMAN ENGINEERING) and check out the new Audi RS7!  It makes me proud of Deutschland to see this fire breather coming to the market stateside!  With 560 horsepower, adaptive air suspension, torque vectoring, an optional sport differential and sport suspension this muscle car will get you to Pet Smart in NO TIME FLAT!  Come on now a dog has to eat!

Who wouldn't want to roll up to the dog park in one of these bad boys??!

Last but not least I am pumped to see the new redesigned 7th Generation Corvette (C7).  The Vette is hard not to love especially given the history!  Critics of the Corvette have long criticized it's interior for its lackluster comfort in seating.  I'm happy to say that my road trips to Cars and Coffee are going to be SO much easier once my owners put one of these in the garage now that GM has redesigned the seats for long range comfort.  Love it or hate it the new Vette looks sharp!

Detroit Muscle!

I plan to take some pictures so look forward to them in 2 weeks when I return!  Beans is SOOOOO jealous!

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