Thursday, October 17, 2013

Play time at the courts

A park was recently finished near our house, and it includes a few gated in tennis courts... PERFECT to let our chiefs run around in!!
Frank LOVES to chase his toy around .... and Beans could spend hours just circling the perimeter of the court... Here are a few pics from a recent trip!

...same expression on Beans face... he loves running around!!!

Yeah Beans!!

Frank LOVES chasing this blue toy around so much that he INSISTED on hanging onto it the entire walk home once.... the.entire.walk.home. Of course this included some stops where he'd set the toy down but lasted about .5 seconds for fear that Beans would snatch the toy up...

Have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sun bed

The chiefs have this thing about laying in the sun... (What dog wouldn't?)
We got a few pictures just like this while we were on our Euro trip...
... spoiled... 

You'd think it was because when shining through the windows, it provides a little extra warmth.... and maybe it does... in most cases.
That would be awesome if the windows in our home provided some warmth, but they were replaced a few years ago aaand do not. These guys don't have to know that though...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Funnies from Beans!

Happy Friday! You probably thought that you'd seen the last of Beans funnies..

.. well you haven't!!!!!
Beans has been surfing Pinterest for a while and has some funny pictures for you all... enjoy!!!

... surfs up!!!

... we could never get our chiefs to be this patient... 

.... Frank....

....this is totally Beans....

Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mohawk Wednesday

We still exist! Can you believe it? After another few weeks of no posts (sorry guys...) here we are.... 

The "computer difficulties" mentioned like a month ago (WOW!) have turned into "need to get a new computer" ... SO if there are any F&B fans out there who happen to have an extra iMac, MacBook Pro, Photoshop, you name it.. ..... just let us know ;) For now, though, we'll work with what we've got... 

ANYWAYS, onto the important stuff... a couple of weeks ago, Beans got a hair cut!!! He was in MAJOR need of it too...
... buuut we're going to call this haircut a miscommunication because poor little Beans lost the mohawk down his back! 
I guess when specifying that "We really like his mohawk so keep that long" I forgot to include "...all the way down his back" ... whoops! 
BUT Beans is rockin' a pretty sweet mohawk on top of his head, wouldn't you say? 
 \m/ ROCK STAR \m/
Frank was pretty depressed while Beans was out... 
... but he quickly got over it once Beans returned. 

The good news is, we've got a few post lined up for the coming weeks (!!!). They may be out of order buuut it's better than the cricket noises going on over here lately, right? :)