Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallo-weenie

It's Halloween and we have lots to share with you today on The Daily Frank and Beans.

First off, here's Frank last year, dressed up as .... FRANK SINATRA! (how original, I know?...)
This year Ben carved a pumpkin just for our little guys - check it out!!

Before we get into their official costumes, let's do a little "Who wore it better" contest with this SWEET witches hat ... perfectly sized for these guys! Since I can't figure out how to add a poll to this blog yet how 'bout everyone casts their vote either with a comment to this post or on Frank & Beans Facebook page (you all "Like" them on Facebook, right?)

 is it Frank.....
... or Beans? 
Cast your vote!!
Alrighty.... Moving on...
So, what are Frank & Beans going to be for Halloween.. you ask? Well... as many of you know our first attempts at outfits FAILED last week... and you might be wondering what Beans was researching last Friday, too?

Here they are!

Meet Frank, our little pumpkin....
 "Why do you make me wear such things?"

"I like Beans' costume better..."

... and Beans our little sheriff!
"Whatever... I look SO much better in this thank Frank ever will..."

Beans wants me to clarify that he is not just ANY sheriff, but is actually Dallas from the movie Magic Mike (his idea..... not mine). Remember that research? See the resemblance? (blonde, curly hair .... ?)

"Fact is, the law says you cannot touch! ... But I think I see a lotta lawbreakers in this house tonight..." 
Beans says hes still working on his six-pack abs, so maybe check back with him in a few months and he should be good.

We hope to get some good pictures of the boys tonight (and actually had other plans for getting pictures for this post but the weather kind of ruined it). Stay tuned for tomorrow to see if we have anything to share (no promises, though!).

Don't eat too much candy tonight!!
"Oiy.. that' one too many Tootsie Rolls for me tonight..."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frankly Speaking

Hello fans, and yes I say fans because it must have fans because I finally got a question from one of you today!!

Dear Frank,

My girlfriend and I have a new labrador retriever puppy.  He is overall very well behaved but seems to have developed quite a taste for shoes. It doesn't matter much what kind of shoe, as he is not picky.  My question to you is, do shoes taste like dog food?  Could this be what is confusing our puppy?  How can we get our puppy to stop chewing shoes?


Barefoot in Westwood

Hi Barefoot in Westwood - you do have an interesting problem on your hands!  We dogs like shoes because they smell yummy - my yummy isn't the same as your yummy.  Yummy to you is a cheeseburger and a Hudy 14k.  Yummy to me is a roll in what the neighborhood deer left behind and some stale crunchy food marketed as "Chicken and Rice".

Like me, your puppy is looking for strong funky smells - don't want to judge the person wearing the shoes but sounds like they have feet only a Dachshund or Labrador could love - just kidding!  

Anyways, all you need to do is make your shoes smell pleasant - like my owner Allyson's shoes.  Somehow they always smell of roses - no dog wants to be anywhere near that smell!! YUCK!.  I recommend potpourri in the shoes when you aren't wearing them - or only wear your socks once like Damon Dash (co-founder of Roc-a-Fella Records).  

Damon Dash
Good luck with your problem-pup and keep the questions comin!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Man down!

On Friday afternoon, Ben & I were getting ready to head out of town for the weekend. We were all packed up and getting ready to load the car when I decided to take the boys for a walk. As we got back into the house and I was trying to unleash Frank I noticed our little man had his back leg lifted and was only running around on 3 legs... he shrieked in pain and then started to shake. Off to the vet we went!!!
The diagnosis... Frank has Intervertebral Disc Disease (just like our other little man Beans).
I'm not going to go into deals because I'm no expert on this (check out the link above for more info), but long story short is that Frank will be fine! :) He doesn't need surgery as some cases call for; and was put on "cage rest" of the weekend while we were gone (our neighbors did an excellent job of taking care of these guys while we were gone!).  The vet also gave him a shot of anti-inflamatories and pain medication to help him out and we went home.
 "No I am not feeling the greatest and yes that is a pink towel. No judging!"
 "I see... I see rainbows...  and leprechauns ... and ... is that Elvis??"
As of yesterday evening Frank was doing just fine (as if nothing had ever happened). We will continue to take it easy over the next few days/weeks to make sure we make a full recovery, though. Frank is not too happy about this setup, as he tends to run around the house like crazy most of the time, but for now he can deal :)
 "Can you guys pleease just let me run around and chase some squirrels??"

 OK so maybe he doesn't look the most enthusiastic in this picture but trust me.. hes much happier today than on Friday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Research Friday

Happy Friday everyone! 
Beans was pretty busy last night doing some research on something. Can't say what it's about, but all of his fans out there will find out shortly...

(it's too bad he's got such crazy hair or else you would all be able to see what hes looking at!)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Over the weekend we had a party at our house. Frank and Beans were pumped to host a few people over, and did an excellent job keeping the crowd entertained. Ok actually.. Frank was the official floor cleaner/food taster while Beans kind of hung back and just watched the action.

By about midnight both boys were tuckered OUT .. as evidenced by this cute picture. My favorite part is Beans' crazy hair all stickin up and out all over the place... AAAND they're all cuddled together in the smaller of the 2 cages.. LOVE IT! (and yes, that is Bean wearing his Tigers shirt for those wondering..)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reasons why dachshunds should get their own special clothing size

Halloween is right around the corner, so Ben & I have been looking for the perfect  outfits for our little Frank & Beans. While at Target the other night we spotted the perfect shirts to get these guys. Of course Target advertised them as "pajamas" for dogs but seriously... who puts pajamas in their dogs.... REALLY?!
Anyways.. we took a look at them and decided that Mr. Beans would fit perfectly into a size Small, while Frank is more of a Medium type of guy.
We couldn't WAIT to get home to put our little monsters in their outfits, so we rushed inside and got them all set up.

The result? .... dachshunds need their own special clothing size... THEY WERE TOO LONG/TOO SHORT IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES!
Poor little Beans rear end was hangin' out of the back of his "Bad Dog" prison jump suit... and Frank couldn't even walk in his skeleton outfit because the legs were too long.

Ben & I were rolling on the floor laughing at this site while the poor dogs just looked at us helplessly (ok actually Beans didn't seem to mind and kind of ran off and grabbed Frank's girlfriend when he wasn't looking....)
I guess from this angle it doesn't look that bad on Beans, right??
"I bet Momma wishes she had this outfit for me when I modified her Kitchen Aid mixer a few weeks ago ..... heh"
Frank on the other hand.... no words... 
"Really guys... REALLY!? Can you please take this off now?
... BEANS! I know you're back there with her! I've got eyes in the back of my head! If I could run over to you now and take her I would but my legs keep getting stuck in these "pajamas" !! "

So the morale of the story is... dachshunds need their own special size for clothes... made for extra long bodies, extra short lil legs, and extreme cuteness :) Maybe I should go in the business....
These will be quickly returned to the store in exchange for a few other costumes we recently saw ... stay tuned! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frankly Speaking

This week I'm here to share with you a cool video I found online this of a cat and dog who are anything but boring.  Unlike Beans who sleeps all day these two cool pets scuba!!  Enjoy!

Also - I'm interested to hear from you so please send me your questions about love, flipping houses or your credit card information,......oh oops my lawyers just told me I can't ask that last one!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday at the park

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside, so what better way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon than at the park with good ol' Frank & Beans?

We did a couple of laps around the park, after which Frank showed off some of his gymnastics skillz and muscles by doing pullups on one of the playground bars. 
 "48 ..... 49 .... 50! ... Piece of cake!"
"I've go more power than A-Rod!"
All Beans could do was watch ...
"Whhoah.. he's so high up!!"
Then we found a baseball batting practice cage and decided to let Frank practice for the {hopfully?} upcoming wiener dog race at the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game (that he ALMOST won last year).
 "I'm even faster than A-Rod..."
We also let Beans try it out but he's not as speedy as Frank, and mostly enjoys trotting along.
"Me too!"
On the drive home both boys were worn OUT... as demonstrated by Beans here...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Frank & Beans are celebrating the Detroit Tigers win of the AL division in MLB yesterday.
Congrats Tigers!! Onto the World Series!!!!!!

{Frank also wanted to take this opportunity to show off his massive mound of chest hair.... Thank youuuu Frank}

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Franks in a Blanket

Today I'm going to write about one of Frank's favorite activities... if you can even call it that (there's not much "activity" involved...)

It's wrapping himself up in the nearest blanket/towel/whatever he can find and then just looking so darn cute. I have so my pictures of this cutie all nuzzled up in a little "Frank Blanket" (as we call it). Usually he's got some type of stuffed animal with him... 
 If I were to go downstairs right now I'm sure I'd find him just like this.

Of course I'm not going to lie and say I don't 'assist' him if he appears to want some more tucking in.. as seen below...
If I were to get Beans in here we'd have a Frank 'n Beans burrito! ;)
... sigh .... This dog is so spoiled.....
"Could you get me a glass of water please? sparkling? with lemon?"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Rudy Takeover!

Rudy was complaining that he hasn't been featured lately so I decided today is his day...
Here you go Rudy
 "Hey guys! Thanks for checkin' me out! Frank & Beans also say Hi, and Thanks! too!"

Pose for the camera, Rudy!
"I call this my 'thinking' face...."
Have a great Wednesday! Frank & Beans will be back on Thursday!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Frankly Speaking

This week on Frankly Speaking he takes a question from the viewers.  Sara from San Francisco asked how she can take her favorite furry friend to class with her without anyone finding out!  Here's Frank:

"Ok - Sara by the Bay - first thing you must do is get a nice comfy stealth dog bag with some nice air holes in it.  The key is not hiding the pooch but camouflaging the bag (if they can't see the bag they will never see the dog)!  Here's one I found on Amazon you could start with; no one will ever see this thing sitting in the corner of the classroom or lab!

If that doesn't work slap on a clip-on tie and put you little buddy behind a computer like my friend here; no one will suspect a thing!  One little known fact is that most dogs are fluent in Mac so they can use the time to update their LinkedIn profile.

Also, lastly don't forget to leave a trail of crumbs leading to the nearest exit just in case I have to use the bathroom and can't hold it!  Try some Austin's Peanut Butter crackers!  No one likes a mess in class!

Monday, October 15, 2012

I am not a dog groomer

Happy Monday everyone! Frank & Beans hope you all had a lovely weekend. They sure did.. since their Tigers have won the first TWO games of the ALCS they are PUMPED!

So, the title of this post gives it away - I am NOT a dog groomer... Frank & Beans have been in the need of a lil' trim lately (ok mostly Beans.. Frank is looking alright)... We decided to test of my grooming skills and see if I could give these guys a trim on my own. With my handy assistant, Ben, we got going.
Unfortunately there are no "in progress" pictures of these happenings as my assistant and I were very focused on holding the dogs still and trying to carefully trim some hair without giving them an accidental bald patch... BUT we do have the after picture (after a nice bath and attempted blow-dry which neither dog enjoyed).

Frank mostly got a trim around his ears ... and his feathers (feathers? what?! -- the fur around his backside... that's what the groomers call it at least...). He looks a little more young and "youthful" in my opinion...
"You say I have feathers? Are you trying to convince me that I'm like that bird you guys have? When do I get to play with him??"

Beans got THE WORKS... a lil' trim on top, a lil trim down his back, a lil trim on his chest and legs and a liiiittle bit off of his beard.  Since this was my first time trimming him I was a little worried I'd go all Edward Scissorhands on him and cut off too much.. but it's not that noticeable (although there was a TON of hair on the floor after it was all said and done). Maybe next time we'll get a little more of his mohawk down the back and his legs.. BUT I think he's looking pretty good.. don't you all agree??

 "I.... I feel so much lighter!"

We'll see how long this "Fresh out of the salon" look lasts.. usually after we bathe the boys they like to roll in a big mess of somethin' outside just to thank us for our efforts.

Don't forget - tomorrow is Franky Speaking Tuesday! Frank is looking forward to hearing from one of his fans and answering one of their questions. NOW is your chance to ask Frank and burning questions!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Beans and his Bo-Bos

So I would be lying if I said Beans set this picture up himself. I helped out a little bit... :)

Here's our "Little Man" with a few of his favorite toys - his "bo-bos" ... saying Happy Friday!!! Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kitchen Aid Mixer

So I've had a craving for chocolate chip cookies lately. I finally decided that I would make them when I got home from work today. Before I left for work I set out the recipe and even the chocolate chips (I was serious about this!)!!
I get home from work, take the boys out, and then go to get the mixer and get started... and what do I discover? Frank & Beans had chewed through the power cord!! They altered my mixer!! Customized it! AHH!! NO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!

I honestly think Beans was the mastermind behind about 90% of this operation, and Frank was only about 10% (Beans is quite the "chewer" from what I've discovered. Frank couldn't care less unless he heard a squeaky or smelled peanut butter on it). Of course both of the boys were SO excited and happy to show me their "work" ...  such proud little guys...

(and OF COURSE I've submitted this picture in to the Dog Shaming website in the hopes that our criminal pups make it on... stay tuned...)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Me & My Shadow

Here's an oldie but goodie. This is from last year August right after we got married (and when Frank was in his "heavier" stage of life...).
I was putting things away in the kitchen when Frank started barking like crazy (as if someone were at the door). He's doesn't typically bark that much so I went to check him out... what do I find? Mr. Frank had discovered his shadow...
"Who do you think you are coming into this house?? This is MY house!"

He sure was focused!
"I'm going to WIN this staring contest, so don't even try"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frankly Speaking

It is Week 2 of Frankly Speaking, and frankly, Frank isn't too happy with the lack of questions sent to him for his opinion or advice. Let's try to make next week a better week - submit your questions to Frank at He'd love to hear from you and provide his expert opinions on a variety of topics.  Here's Frank.

Ok kids this week I would like to talk to you about this election thing I keep hearing about.  All I know is there are 2 guys that talk alot but not about anything interesting like increasing the numbers of treats people give cute dogs or a national Give Your Dog a Squeeky Toy Day (this wouldn't be such a problem if my owners weren't so cheap).

Anyway, I completed early voting and had a terrible time picking a candidate,...I didn't know whether to write in Rin Tin Tin or Lassie.  Rin Tin Tin did have combat experience from WWII and worked in the movies so he would make a good politician but Lassie did help rescue Timmy from the well!

Rin Tin Tin on the airwaves in Hollywood!
Lassie and Timmy after the big rescue!
Only a few more weeks till we figure out the next president, fingers crossed for Lassie!!!