Monday, October 29, 2012

Man down!

On Friday afternoon, Ben & I were getting ready to head out of town for the weekend. We were all packed up and getting ready to load the car when I decided to take the boys for a walk. As we got back into the house and I was trying to unleash Frank I noticed our little man had his back leg lifted and was only running around on 3 legs... he shrieked in pain and then started to shake. Off to the vet we went!!!
The diagnosis... Frank has Intervertebral Disc Disease (just like our other little man Beans).
I'm not going to go into deals because I'm no expert on this (check out the link above for more info), but long story short is that Frank will be fine! :) He doesn't need surgery as some cases call for; and was put on "cage rest" of the weekend while we were gone (our neighbors did an excellent job of taking care of these guys while we were gone!).  The vet also gave him a shot of anti-inflamatories and pain medication to help him out and we went home.
 "No I am not feeling the greatest and yes that is a pink towel. No judging!"
 "I see... I see rainbows...  and leprechauns ... and ... is that Elvis??"
As of yesterday evening Frank was doing just fine (as if nothing had ever happened). We will continue to take it easy over the next few days/weeks to make sure we make a full recovery, though. Frank is not too happy about this setup, as he tends to run around the house like crazy most of the time, but for now he can deal :)
 "Can you guys pleease just let me run around and chase some squirrels??"

 OK so maybe he doesn't look the most enthusiastic in this picture but trust me.. hes much happier today than on Friday!

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