Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kitchen Aid Mixer

So I've had a craving for chocolate chip cookies lately. I finally decided that I would make them when I got home from work today. Before I left for work I set out the recipe and even the chocolate chips (I was serious about this!)!!
I get home from work, take the boys out, and then go to get the mixer and get started... and what do I discover? Frank & Beans had chewed through the power cord!! They altered my mixer!! Customized it! AHH!! NO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!

I honestly think Beans was the mastermind behind about 90% of this operation, and Frank was only about 10% (Beans is quite the "chewer" from what I've discovered. Frank couldn't care less unless he heard a squeaky or smelled peanut butter on it). Of course both of the boys were SO excited and happy to show me their "work" ...  such proud little guys...

(and OF COURSE I've submitted this picture in to the Dog Shaming website in the hopes that our criminal pups make it on... stay tuned...)

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