Monday, October 15, 2012

I am not a dog groomer

Happy Monday everyone! Frank & Beans hope you all had a lovely weekend. They sure did.. since their Tigers have won the first TWO games of the ALCS they are PUMPED!

So, the title of this post gives it away - I am NOT a dog groomer... Frank & Beans have been in the need of a lil' trim lately (ok mostly Beans.. Frank is looking alright)... We decided to test of my grooming skills and see if I could give these guys a trim on my own. With my handy assistant, Ben, we got going.
Unfortunately there are no "in progress" pictures of these happenings as my assistant and I were very focused on holding the dogs still and trying to carefully trim some hair without giving them an accidental bald patch... BUT we do have the after picture (after a nice bath and attempted blow-dry which neither dog enjoyed).

Frank mostly got a trim around his ears ... and his feathers (feathers? what?! -- the fur around his backside... that's what the groomers call it at least...). He looks a little more young and "youthful" in my opinion...
"You say I have feathers? Are you trying to convince me that I'm like that bird you guys have? When do I get to play with him??"

Beans got THE WORKS... a lil' trim on top, a lil trim down his back, a lil trim on his chest and legs and a liiiittle bit off of his beard.  Since this was my first time trimming him I was a little worried I'd go all Edward Scissorhands on him and cut off too much.. but it's not that noticeable (although there was a TON of hair on the floor after it was all said and done). Maybe next time we'll get a little more of his mohawk down the back and his legs.. BUT I think he's looking pretty good.. don't you all agree??

 "I.... I feel so much lighter!"

We'll see how long this "Fresh out of the salon" look lasts.. usually after we bathe the boys they like to roll in a big mess of somethin' outside just to thank us for our efforts.

Don't forget - tomorrow is Franky Speaking Tuesday! Frank is looking forward to hearing from one of his fans and answering one of their questions. NOW is your chance to ask Frank and burning questions!!!

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