Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Frankly Speaking

This week on Frankly Speaking he takes a question from the viewers.  Sara from San Francisco asked how she can take her favorite furry friend to class with her without anyone finding out!  Here's Frank:

"Ok - Sara by the Bay - first thing you must do is get a nice comfy stealth dog bag with some nice air holes in it.  The key is not hiding the pooch but camouflaging the bag (if they can't see the bag they will never see the dog)!  Here's one I found on Amazon you could start with; no one will ever see this thing sitting in the corner of the classroom or lab!

If that doesn't work slap on a clip-on tie and put you little buddy behind a computer like my friend here; no one will suspect a thing!  One little known fact is that most dogs are fluent in Mac so they can use the time to update their LinkedIn profile.

Also, lastly don't forget to leave a trail of crumbs leading to the nearest exit just in case I have to use the bathroom and can't hold it!  Try some Austin's Peanut Butter crackers!  No one likes a mess in class!

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