Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frankly Speaking

It is Week 2 of Frankly Speaking, and frankly, Frank isn't too happy with the lack of questions sent to him for his opinion or advice. Let's try to make next week a better week - submit your questions to Frank at thedailyfrankandbeans@gmail.com. He'd love to hear from you and provide his expert opinions on a variety of topics.  Here's Frank.

Ok kids this week I would like to talk to you about this election thing I keep hearing about.  All I know is there are 2 guys that talk alot but not about anything interesting like increasing the numbers of treats people give cute dogs or a national Give Your Dog a Squeeky Toy Day (this wouldn't be such a problem if my owners weren't so cheap).

Anyway, I completed early voting and had a terrible time picking a candidate,...I didn't know whether to write in Rin Tin Tin or Lassie.  Rin Tin Tin did have combat experience from WWII and worked in the movies so he would make a good politician but Lassie did help rescue Timmy from the well!

Rin Tin Tin on the airwaves in Hollywood!
Lassie and Timmy after the big rescue!
Only a few more weeks till we figure out the next president, fingers crossed for Lassie!!! 

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