Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time to go to the park again!

Sooo.. we've got a long weekend coming up and Frank is hoping the weather is good enough that we can take a trip to the park...
....he just wants to play fetch again!!!
We are going to take a day or two off so we'll be back next week... 
 Frank says "Have a good Easter!!"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter jokes from Beans!!

It's almost Easter.. so Beans has some jokes for everyone to tell!! {seems like everyone is LOVIN' his holiday jokes lately...}

How do rabbits travel?
By HAREplanes!!

Where does the Easter bunny eat breakfast?


Knock Knock
Whos there?
Some bunny
Some bunny who?

Some bunny has been eating all of my Easter candy!!

Why did the Easter egg hide?

He was a little chicken!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got another question from my buddy Francis over in V Town aka Vatican City.  The Pope writes: "Dearest Furry little German friend, I really took your advice to heart the other week with regards to the party coat advice.  I was able to score a great cape which is actually trending on twitter @ #FrancisGotPromotedLookAtThatSweetCoat.  Anyways, I'm curious Frank what you gave up for lent?"

Dear Francis - This year was a really difficult Lenten season for me.  Last year I gave up squirrels and pork chops; which are easy to do on my strict dog food diet.  Anyway, I went out a limb this year and gave up my favorite thing of all - Electronic Dance Music (EDM for Short).

EDM is feel good music that usually consists of a solid beat that rises and falls and sometimes has vocals.  Think Night at the Roxbury music but not so cheesy.  There is usually a lot of choreographed lights to go with the music.  Here is me getting ready to go out to the club recently; note LED's for longer battery life.

Anyway, once you get to the club and feel the beat just go with it.  Just dance however you feel is best - here is a friend of mine demonstrating his way of doing it.

Lastly, its important to always get a picture of yourself at the Concert to remember the moment.  Bean's and I like to get on stage whenever possible and snap a pic with the DJ.  Here is a pic from the Tiesto Concert we went to in Columbus a few weeks ago to see Ben's favorite DJ.  Ok - so I fell off the wagon for one night and took in some tunes - oops!  But so worth it!

Thankfully I can start going to EDM concerts again soon - I'm looking forward catching up on all of the tunes from Ultra Music Festival in Miami that just wrapped up!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Leave-it Monday

It's Monday.. and nobody is happy about it. When asked how he feels about Monday, want to know what Frank had to say about it?
{Yes, we recognize how filthy the toy looks.. trust us, it's been in the washer many times.. }
It's about as bad as putting a FAVORITE toy in front of him and playing "leave it" ....
"You guys are really just going to make me sit here like this? AHHH"
but THEN you find out its a 4-day work-week ... and it's just like saying "OK... go ahead!!"
"Yyyyessssss!!!!! ... FINALLY!!"
(and THEN you remember that Opening Day is only a week away.. and your week gets EVEN BETTER!!!)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Funky Friday

A few weeks ago we were walking through a little craft/hobby store.. just wasting time looking at little tchotchkes and such..  We were walking down an aisle looking at outdoor decorations and all of a sudden I turn and see ....
Dachshund figurines!!! Now I have NO clue what purpose these would serve. They're about Beans size... maybe a little smaller. ...would probably FREAK the dogs out if they saw them...
We thought it would be funny to place a few around the backyard but then decided not to waste the money. Oh well.. made for some good pictures.
{they are kind of creepy.... aren't they?}
Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New toy!

A trip to the pet store means a toy for the boys!
This time its a toy for Beans, who always finds a way to destroy all the other toys we get him because he loooves to chew. So what do you get a dog who loves to chew? A rawhide bone!
{a giant rawhide bone}
Beans won't let this thing out of his site... because the one time he did Frank took the opportunity to snatch it up and have his time with it.
Clearly Frank is not too happy about this situation and is all of a sudden not happy with any of his other favorite toys...

He'll get over it...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring!
You know what Beans favorite part of spring is??
This is by far one of Beans favorite outdoor activities (aside from barking at all the other dogs/squirrels/birds in sight).
Of course we don't have very spring-like weather at the moment, but hopefully it will warm up soon so we can get lots of good outdoor pictures.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frankly Speaking

I was very surprised this weekend when I checked my email and found a question written in from one of our fans!  Since my audience is still growing I don't get email that often (send more!).  Anyway, turns out that I have fans in high places!  Who you ask?,.....Pope Francis (newly appointed)!

The Popeness writes:  "Dear Frank, I wanted you to know I really enjoy your blog and all of your whimsical commentary!  You may have heard I'm a simple, down to earth, thrifty guy.  I've got some parties to host now that I'm in charge so I need to know where I can find a big coat to I can use when I make an entrance and not break the bank.  Can you help?"

Dear Franco - Can I call you that?  Our names are eerily similar!  I digress - I'm glad you asked.  I always tell Beans how important first impressions are.  Take for example when our parents have a party.  I always throw on my bow tie and cufflinks - that gets everyone's attention!  Check out this dapper Doxie (me):

A friend of mine recently hit it big with a song where he rocks a really COOL big giant coat he got from a Thrift Shop (which is also the name of the song).  Keep in mind the song has a few swear words in it so don't crank it too loud at work!  Here you go!  As the song goes "I wear your granddad's clothes, I look incredible, I'm in this big a*s coat, From that thrift shop down the road."  

Now to illustrate how cool you would look in a coat like the one from the video - Bean's used his mad Photoshop skills to show you how a coat like that could turn an ordinary person (or dachshund) into the coolest kid in school.  Recall the opening scene from the video,.....

So in summary - take $20 down to the local thrift shop and find yourself a big giant coat!  While I do encourage animal print I would prefer if it wasn't the real thing :) - my zebra friends will thank you!

Put in a good word for me with the big guy!

Monday, March 18, 2013

post-St. Patrick's Day

Happy day-after-St. Patrick's Day from Frank & Beans!
Here's Frank last year with "Lucky the Leprechaun" (a rotating prize we won from a road rally the year before). 

THIS year, how did Frank & Beans celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
"Could I please get a salty snack to munch on while I drink my green beer, please?"
Beans isn't as wild and crazy as Frank so he laid low while Frank partook in the St. Patty's Day festivities. Frank said he might try to convince him to join in next year, though.
Happy Monday! 

{14 days 'til Opening Day for those counting :) }

Friday, March 15, 2013

Gearing up for St Patricks Day

They said they don't know about you guys, but Frank & Beans said they're pooped from the week (they live such a busy life and all...). They're resting up in preparation for the weekend. With St Patrick's Day this coming Sunday who knows what they'll get in to (maybe we'll even catch a glimpse next week!)
Happy Friday everyone!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Jokes by Beans!

Despite the fact that he looks really serious in the picture, Beans has some St. Patrick's Day jokes to share!

Beans : Why would you never iron a four-leaf clover?
Frank : Because you shouldn’t press your luck.

Beans : Have you ever heard of the 6-leaf clover? 
Frank : I haven't either!

Beans : Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland?
Frank : Because he couldn’t afford airfare.

Beans : Why are leprechauns so hard to get along with? 
Frank : Because they're very short-tempered!

Beans : Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun?
Frank : Because he’s always short.
{same reason you cant borrow money from Frank & Beans ;) }

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Floppy Ear'ed Fun

So while it's not an actual video of them, I wanted to share a little .gif I made of Frank & Beans at the park the other day...

{Look at Beans go! ... floppy ears!!! }

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Summer is just around the corner - (unless you are stuck in Ohio where we are getting rain for the next 17 days according to my weather savvy friend Brinkley the Lab); so I am here today to discuss a very important topic with you.  That topic is my beach body.  Today's Frankly Speaking is all about how I stay in shape.  

First lets start with the treadmill.  Here are some of my buds doing it the right way.  One tip I have is to keep you tail up - you don't want it to get caught in the belt - oh and wear the clip on emergency stop - just in case you pull a Rusty and cash out while working out!

Second I like a good session in the weight room!  Remember its always good to have a friend help you when you are putting up the big weights!  Here is one way you can do it!

Lastly, in the hopes of encouraging you to follow my lead - I want to show you what can happen with a little discipline, proper diet (Pet Wants Chicken and Rice) and exercise regimen!  Here you go,..

This is me last summer before I went down to Washington Park to greet all my lady friends ;).  I don't know who Calvin is but next year I'm not going to let them put their name on my billboard!

Don't forget to write in with your questions for next week - reach me at!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon at the park

It was such a nice day yesterday that we couldn't help but spend some time at the park!
When we've gone in the past Beans hasn't been much for chasing toys, but this time he was all over it!
We brought one of Frank's favorite squeaky toys and let Beans have at it. We threw it across the soccer field and called him to bring it back. It took a few tries but he got the hang of how to carry it back without dropping. He was having blast!
{he wore his Thunder Shirt because let's just say Beans has been pretty nervous lately when we go out.. he doesn't mind and seems a lot calmer in it when its on. We call it his "confidence shirt" ... }

Frank on the other hand is a seasoned PRO at playing fetch at the park.
... floppy ears!!
And then it was time to play fetch with both boys at the same time.
Ready... set..... GO!
We have more pictures (and videos!) of the boys that we'll get to on another day. For now - have a great Monday!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Jerome is here with a reminder for everyone... 
{poor guy is already looking rough...}
24 days until Opening Day!!

Frank & Beans are so excited for Opening Day - they're already wearing their Tigers shirts!!
They had so much fun visiting the team at Spring Training, that they might try to get tickets to the Tigers home opener (anyone happen to have any spares...??).

Until then, Frank & Beans (& Jerome) will continue to check how the spring training games are going and keep counting down until April 1.
24 Days!

{Also Frank wants to give a special shout-out Happy Birthday to a favorite fan whose birthday just happens to be on Saturday!}

Happy Friday! {and Happy Birthday!}

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rudy & Tony

Rudy is a little upset that he hasn't been featured much lately. Yeah, there was a small mention last week about the time when Frank & Beans got into his food, but Rudy says that wasn't enough...
Today he wants to share with you his pal ... Tony... {those of you from Toledo might get the connection ;-) }
Rudy has a small obsession with his mirror, and spends a lot of his time talking to it... not sure if he thinks he actually has a buddy on the other side, or if he realizes its him. Regardless it provides him hours of entertainment. {he'll actually pull it off the side of the cage and prop it up against the side-wall on the bottom of his cage.. clever little guy...}

Sometimes we take the mirror away from him for a little break.... then he gets a little feisty... like this.. ROAR!!!!

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday - hang in there!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Video time!

Ok.. it's a first for The Daily Frank & Beans.. a video of Frank! This is a test to see how things go.. and if they go well then we'll try to post more!

This is from over the summer when we took the boys to a park. One of Frank's favorite things to do at the park is chase after his blue squeaky toy. He loooove this toy. Check out the floppy ears as he runs!!! And look at that speed!!!
Not the most exciting video but if all goes well we'll try to get more posted soon!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got a question from Sara by the Bay.  Sara writes "Frank, you have a lot of free time to ponder such important questions like who will be the next Pope or whether I will be affected by that sequester thing?  My question is - where should I put my $5 bet at the new Horseshoe Casino?  Momma needs a new pair of shoes!"

Dear Sara - First I must say that His Holiness probably doesn't suggest you do betting of any kind; I heard he has a low yield Vatican money market account you can put your 'faith' in.  Anyway, don't worry about the Sequester either, they can just print more money - no biggie.

I recommend you put your money on a hand of Poker.  Maybe a game of Texas Hold'em or 7 Card Stud.  Whichever you pick its absolutely critical that you have a good poker face!  Let show you some examples!  Here we go,..

Wrong Poker Face - Try Again.
Sometimes a distraction help draw the focus of your opponent!
Or just play dead until your everyone gets bored and gives up!

Hope you come visit the new Casino Sara and take me out to lunch at the Margaritaville Restaurant and we can nibble on some sponge cake!

Monday, March 4, 2013

We're watching you...

We recently painted the kitchen and added a chalkboard wall on one section. Since we've been trying to leave the boys in the kitchen during the day I thought it was important to let them know they need to be on their best behavior.
Obviously it hasn't worked out too well lately...
Happy Monday!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bird Seed Sampling

So last summer, Frank & Beans decided they wanted to see what it was like to be a bird...
... and they ate Rudy's food...
They found the bucket of pellets on a low shelf and decided to help themselves.
Frank & Beans were so proud of their accomplishments at first.. and then it set in ....

Beans wasn't really phased by the whole experience ... but lets just say Frank was hurtin' later that day .... and the next...
Yes, he was actually laying in his cage like this afterwards...
Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend!