Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Frankly Speaking

Summer is just around the corner - (unless you are stuck in Ohio where we are getting rain for the next 17 days according to my weather savvy friend Brinkley the Lab); so I am here today to discuss a very important topic with you.  That topic is my beach body.  Today's Frankly Speaking is all about how I stay in shape.  

First lets start with the treadmill.  Here are some of my buds doing it the right way.  One tip I have is to keep you tail up - you don't want it to get caught in the belt - oh and wear the clip on emergency stop - just in case you pull a Rusty and cash out while working out!

Second I like a good session in the weight room!  Remember its always good to have a friend help you when you are putting up the big weights!  Here is one way you can do it!

Lastly, in the hopes of encouraging you to follow my lead - I want to show you what can happen with a little discipline, proper diet (Pet Wants Chicken and Rice) and exercise regimen!  Here you go,..

This is me last summer before I went down to Washington Park to greet all my lady friends ;).  I don't know who Calvin is but next year I'm not going to let them put their name on my billboard!

Don't forget to write in with your questions for next week - reach me at thedailyfrankandbeans@gmail.com!

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