Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rudy & Tony

Rudy is a little upset that he hasn't been featured much lately. Yeah, there was a small mention last week about the time when Frank & Beans got into his food, but Rudy says that wasn't enough...
Today he wants to share with you his pal ... Tony... {those of you from Toledo might get the connection ;-) }
Rudy has a small obsession with his mirror, and spends a lot of his time talking to it... not sure if he thinks he actually has a buddy on the other side, or if he realizes its him. Regardless it provides him hours of entertainment. {he'll actually pull it off the side of the cage and prop it up against the side-wall on the bottom of his cage.. clever little guy...}

Sometimes we take the mirror away from him for a little break.... then he gets a little feisty... like this.. ROAR!!!!

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday - hang in there!!

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