Friday, November 30, 2012

Wiener Dog Race!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sure you are all SO excited to hear about the exciting news that Rudy hinted at on Wednesday, right? Well.. here it is...

Next Friday, December 7, Frank will be participating in the wiener dog race at the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game! This is his second year of participating and we are SURE he's going to win it this year.
For those who may not remember, or who weren't a fan of Frank last year, here's what happened...
We went to a hockey game and saw Santa Claus (!!)...
.. and then watched some hockey...
... and then we raced with about 30 other dachshunds ON THE ICE!!
This is a FOCUSED DACHSHUND! I see determination in his eyes!
AND we almost won! Frank was one of maybe 8-10 other dachshunds who actually made it 5 feet past their "release"... and he almost finished the race (and won) but then decided to turn around about 10 feet away from me. :: rolls eyes ::

Now, Frank is almost 20% lighter in weight this year than last, so we are sure that he will be much faster and has a higher chance of winning.

Want to see Frank in action? Here's the link to the game page for next Friday. We will be sitting with all the other dogs in the dog section (it's Pucks 'N Pups Night!!).

Oh yes, and what about Beans? Well.. Beans will be going to the game with us but will only be participating as a spectator in the race. He is also super excited to help his brother train in the coming week to make sure he is in tip-top shape for the race on Friday (he's been playing the Rocky theme song non-stop since Tuesday evening...).

Have a good weekend everybody!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Joke from Beans!

Beans has a joke for everyone today!!!

Cowboy:  Say, why did you buy that dachshund?

City Guy:  I heard someone say,"Get a long, little doggy!" 

:) In our case we got two!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Random Rudy Takeover

He's back!! Rudy was feeling a little leftout so we decided to feature him today on The Daily Frank & Beans.
Looks like today he's ..... looking at a cookbook and drinking a Hudy - classy Rudy, way to go!
Hmm.. looks like he's checking out some Christmas recipes, maybe? He might be able to see it a little better if he turned around to read it the right way, but I guess that's what happens when Hudy is involved :)
Sorry Rudy, no baking until we get our Kitchen Aid mixer fixed (the new cord is ordered!)
What's that you say Rudy? Frank has some really exciting news to share later this week? Oh wow!!

That's right - stay tuned to The Daily Frank & Beans for an exciting announcement!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frankly Speaking

Dear Frank,

Are you afraid of the potential end of the world event that may occur

on December 21st?  Have you and Beans made adequate doomsday

-Kokopelli Paiyatamu

Dear Koko - I'm not afraid since I received this nifty survival kit from my good friend Richard that contains a lot of great tools to help me and my humans survive the Apocalypse.  Some of the items the kit includes are:

  • Sunglasses : keeps you looking cool and protected during solar flares
  • Snack Cake : provides sustenance for the end of time munchies (I'll save this for my humans)
  • Clown Nose : increases safety because clowns do not attack their own
  • Cork : plugs up those pesky black holes
  • Filter Mask : reduces exposure to airpollution
  • and much more ... including...
  • Blu Bites Gourmet Dog Treats ... Beans & I had a hard time letting those just sit in the bucket waiting for the end of the world, see second picture .... oops :)

Note the NIOSH approved N95 mask in case there are any harmful chemicals in the air!  You can never be too prepared!

One of my favorite sites to to get info on prepping for the supposed Apocalypse is Wheel of Destruction.  Richard helped build the site which lets you pick your favorite Doomsday Scenario - if you match it 3 times on the Wheel of Destruction they will donate $ to your favorite Disaster Relief Charity!  

Notice the Beans got into the Blu Bites meant for the End of Days shortly after the photoshoot! #winning

Bean's and I consider ourselves prepared as we have 17 blankets and pillows of various sizes stocked away in a secret location so we could at least sleep our way thru the first day or two while folks are all excited and searching for food!

Happy prepping!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

We hosted Thanksgiving at our place this year and it turned out great! Lots of delicious food and lots and lots of delicious leftovers.
OF COURSE over the course of the afternoon while we were cooking, Frank was RIGHT by my side playing quality control/dropped food cleaner-upper.... kinda like this:
Unfortunately for him, not much food was dropped for him to clean up...

BUT, lucky for Frank & Beans, they got their own Thanksgiving feast!
 Turkey, carrots, green beans, corn and a little bit of gravy

Frank couldn't wait to dig in... (yep.. we sat him at the table....)

Beans took his time... savoring every minute... his hat!!!

...and then we finished off the evening with some movies. Well.. someone didn't really see much of the movies....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Frank & Beans!! (Yes, we're a day early but Frank & Beans are going to take a few days off to spend some time with family)
Check out Frank's super-cute pilgrim hat! He's just so thoughtful with his holiday-themed hats...
Frank: "Where does she get these hats? Seriously...."
Beans: "Dude, I'm outta here.. gonna go get me some more turkey & potatoes.."

Going shopping on Black Friday? Don't forget Franks tips and tricks from last week's Frankly Speaking !!

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone! See you all next week!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Frankly Speaking

Normally I like to take questions from my fans but today I'd like to take the opportunity to write about what I am thankful for since its Thanksgiving and all this Thursday.

First things first I'm Thankful for dog parks  like Washington Park in OTR.  This is one of the few places I'm given the chance to meet new friends.  I've tried to meet new friends on Petfinder or German Friend Finder (I am German after all!) with no luck.  If you are a Dachshund (or any dog actually) and want to meet up at Washington Park let me know; we can swing by Neons afterwards for some jenga!

Second, Beans and I are thankful for Sophia Grace and Rosie.  These 2 little girls are great and remind me a lot of me and Beans (they're little and are always together as a team!).  Sophia Grace is really outgoing (like me) and her sidekick Rosie (her hype woman) is like Beans always there next to me for support.  Hopefully we can follow in their footsteps and eventually get to meet Ellen.  Here is one of Sophia Grace and Rosie's visits to Ellen doing Nicki Minaj!

Bean's wanted me to let you know that he is thankful for Peanut Butter.  My owners will put peanut butter inside of a kong toy and it gives him hours of joy!  Here's what it looks like when he gets a spoonful of peanut butter!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Don't forget to give your favorite furry friend some turkey or table scraps!  You know there are always leftovers anyways!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Hobo Beans

Over the weekend I was at a craft show and at one of the booths they were selling dog bow ties! Since Frank already has a bow tie, I had to get one for Beans!
Here it is!
I had to keep the hat on him because it just goes with the whole "outfit" ... doesn't he look like the cutest little hobo dog ever?? 
And then Frank had to photo-bomb the picture... oh wait! He's wearing his bow tie too!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cheers to Friday!

It's Friday! It's Friday! Yay!! Frank & Beans are here to congratulate you for making it through the week.. and cheers to a short week next week!

I know what you're thinking.. "It's that darn hat again" .... Yes, it is, but if you looked so stinkin' cute wearing it, you'd probably wear the hat all the time too, right?? :)
If we keep this up, I might need to make a label for Beans hat, so we can group all of his cute hat posts together!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fat Dog Slim Part II

For those who may have forgotten, Frank used to be fat. We went through a very fun weight loss journey earlier this year and are now a skinny little guy. With the weather getting colder we figured it was time to bust out Frank's fleece pullover that we got him last year...probably more for looks than for warmth, right? ;)
  "Really... Really!? The dogs at the shelter warned me about this..."
So here we are at the store last year, trying our jacket on, aren't we just THRILLED to be doing this??

Frank wore those jacket pretty much everywhere last year .. and he looked pretty stinkin' cute in it!
When I put it on him this year something became quite obvious... Frank's really slimmed down!
It was amazing to see how much bigger & looser this jacket is on him.
"You aren't going to take me to the pet store to try on clothes again, are you?"
 Guess this means we have to go shopping for a new sweater for Frank.. and one for Beans!! Well.. maybe... we'll see though, considering the clothes shopping issues we had recently.... :-/

And here we go again...

Good job Frank! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bean Burrito

We've got a little Bean Burrito in his house! This is how we've been finding our little man lately when we're hanging around the house - all bundled up in his blanket....
... except for when he rolls out of his burrito for some belly rubs!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Frankly Speaking

With Thanksgiving coming up next week I thought I'd get requests for the secret family recipe for Aunt Sara's Famous Sweet Potato Casserole or the best time of day to hit up The Cracker Barrel for their tasty Thanksgiving offerings.

Instead I got a lot questions about Black Friday. Here's one from Elliot the black lab in Cincinnati.  Elliot writes: "I'd like to get my parent's one of those doorbuster flat screen TV's on Black Friday for Xmas; have any tips for a dog like me to make this happen?."

Dear Up a Creek without a paddle,
Before you can even think of getting to the store you need to quietly escape while your owners are out of the house.  It helps to have accomplice to 'conveniently' leave the back door slightly cracked so you can get out.

You are going to need a alibi in case anyone comes looking for you, like this guy.   (For those of you reading this instead of working - the clip does contain some adult language,... just looking out for you).

Since you are going to need to take the bus you are going to need a disguise.  You can start with a scarf and pair of unassuming sunglasses like my friend here:

If people ask where you are going just tell them you are going to "Go See A Man about a Dog" (a euphemism for concealing one's true purpose).  Anyways, I learned this one from from my British friends so people will be so confused by its meaning they will leave you be.  

Lastly, get there as early as possible as it gets crazy out there; expect it to look something like this:

Best of luck - pick me up a Starbucks Holiday Blend (the whole bean kind, not ground); it's for Bean's stocking!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Frank's Girlfriend

Ladies, I hate to break this news, but Frank is off the market. That's right he's got a girlfriend. He and "Miss Thang" have been dating since last Christmas when she joined our family.
You may have seen her in some previous posts, and she will may even poke around in future posts....  she seems to get around ;)
Notice the girly eyelashes... 
And the pink toe nails... 
 She's quite a lady... always right by her man's side..... 

Now I will say that as time goes on, she does get a little more worn. Frank can be a little rough with her sometimes, but its all out of love... 

There is a twist to this love story, however, and we hope to share it with you soon (let's just say we may have a love triangle going on in our household....)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Mr. Ed

It's supposed to be really nice this weekend, so maybe we can take a trip to the park.
Reminds me of the time about a year ago that we took Frank to a park...
And met Mr. Ed!
(ok maybe not THE Mr. Ed but close enough, right?)
Frank, meet Ed.. Ed, meet Frank!
Ok so maybe Frank isn't THAT interested... but oh well. I'm sure he had a good time.
 "Mom... Dad... can we just go back to chasing the tennis ball around? This guy could eat me as a snack...."
Have a good weekend everybody!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Up to something Thursday...?

So yesterday afternoon I found Beans just chillin' in the living room like this..... the question is.. does he not look a little suspicious here? I haven't found anything out of order .... yet...
"Wasn't me! It was NOT me!!"
And then later I found him in one of his new favorite spots... FRANK's cage.. not his.. FRANKS!

Ok and can we just take a minute to pause and look at that cute little head of hair he's got? :) Love this little guy

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Frank & Beans go shopping : Jonathan Adler

It's been a while since Frank & Beans have shared their shopping adventures, so why not today?? 
On today's shopping adventures, we are going to visit Jonathan Adler to pick out some more fun stuff for their "crib".

First up are these dachshund bookends that they would like to use to hold up all of the books & magazines they read (Frank & Beans are quite scholarly in case you didn't know... some of their favorite reads include Dog Fancy magazine, Marley & Me, Little Women, and many more - but we'll let Frank save that for a future Frankly Speaking)
Up next is a dachshund bowl. The boys said that with this bowl they can put not one but THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF TREATS in here. WOW! Not sure where they think they're going to get these treats from, but sounds interesting!
Here we have a dachshund bottle stopper.  Frank & Beans are not ones to hit the bottle, however they do enjoy an occasional Shiraz or Riesling with a nice dinner.

And last is the dachshund butter dish. Why they want a butter dish, I have no clue. I believe this request came from Beans... (I mean I guess.. why NOT have a dachshund butter dish...?)
I had to break the bad news that since we already own a Buddha butter dish, this purchase would not be necessary (sorry boys...)
(and no, we still do not have the Kitchen Aid mixer fixed yet. Now that the dishwasher & faucet are fixed, getting the Kitchen Aid fixed is next on my list, especially with Christmas coming up....)

AND speaking of Christmas, get ready for some Frank & Beans fun as they do Christmas shopping for themselves as well as Ben & I (oh boy...). Have a place you think Frank & Beans should go shopping at? Send us an eMail and we'll check it out (see the contact page for the eMail address!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Frankly Speaking

Rahn in Cincinnati wrote in to ask me the following question: "I'm going on a road trip this weekend with a friend and need some advice on ways to pass the time; any thoughts?"

Dear Toes on the Bumper,

First things first! I don't know what your mode of transportation is but never fart in a MINI Cooper!  Let's just say the lack of space inside the MINI doesn't leave much room for much else; found this picture online of the dire consequences!

Ok - Second is that you need good cruising music.  It's in your best interest to find a crowd pleaser that is easy to sing to in the way that you can only do in the shower when no one is around.  Well - Since I don't take showers I can't quite relate however when we go Motoring in the family MINI I like to get down to some Queen.

Freddie Mercury had a voice like no other - here is my favorite road trip song!  Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.

Sometimes Bean repeats the second verse in front of the mirror before we go to Cars and Coffee to help build his confidence along with putting on his Thundershirt.  He especially likes the part about the Tiger!

I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies 
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity 
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva 
I'm gonna go go go 
There's no stopping me 

Lastly, if your like me I like to hoard some treats or snacks and by all means DO NOT get a 5 layer bean burrito from Taco Bell - see beginning of the post for problems this may cause you ;).  Yes even dogs use emoticons!

Please send over a postcard if you ever get a chance to see the World's Largest Rubberband Ball in Lauderhill, Florida - Always wanted to get to that!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Daddys little helpers

So over the weekend Ben was busy playing handyman by fixing our dishwasher (which hadn't been working in a month... NOT COOL) and then fixing our leaky faucet.
Frank & Beans decided they needed to assist in these endeavors...

Yes.. Frank literally climbed on top of Ben to see what he was up to ..
I'm sure you're asking "Is that Beans' sheriff hat?" .. Why, Yes it is! Good eye!! ;)

The boys will be excited to hear that we have other kitchen projects in the coming months that we could use their help on, too...