Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fat Dog Slim Part II

For those who may have forgotten, Frank used to be fat. We went through a very fun weight loss journey earlier this year and are now a skinny little guy. With the weather getting colder we figured it was time to bust out Frank's fleece pullover that we got him last year...probably more for looks than for warmth, right? ;)
  "Really... Really!? The dogs at the shelter warned me about this..."
So here we are at the store last year, trying our jacket on, aren't we just THRILLED to be doing this??

Frank wore those jacket pretty much everywhere last year .. and he looked pretty stinkin' cute in it!
When I put it on him this year something became quite obvious... Frank's really slimmed down!
It was amazing to see how much bigger & looser this jacket is on him.
"You aren't going to take me to the pet store to try on clothes again, are you?"
 Guess this means we have to go shopping for a new sweater for Frank.. and one for Beans!! Well.. maybe... we'll see though, considering the clothes shopping issues we had recently.... :-/

And here we go again...

Good job Frank! :)

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