Friday, November 2, 2012

Hat Trick

Ok so one more Halloween-related post....
When the Halloween costumes were NOT on the boys these past few days (yes, they've worn them a few evenings ... just because), they were sitting in their little toy basket with a few other sweaters, toys, etc. After a while I started to notice that Frank kept taking Beans' sheriff hat...

We'd be sitting on the couch watching TV when good ol' Frank would trot on by with Beans' hat in his mouth and just walks around with it.... that's it. No chewing it or trying to tear it apart...(whaaat!?).

So finally one night I decided to actually put the hat ON Frank's head .. what does he do? Just plops himself down, gets all comfortable and watches some TV with us... very content... (not really sure what I expected to happen, I guess...)
Is that all he wanted? Crazy...
(I think he was just jealous of Beans super cool costume.. not that his pumpkin wasn't cute...)

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!!

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