Friday, November 30, 2012

Wiener Dog Race!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sure you are all SO excited to hear about the exciting news that Rudy hinted at on Wednesday, right? Well.. here it is...

Next Friday, December 7, Frank will be participating in the wiener dog race at the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game! This is his second year of participating and we are SURE he's going to win it this year.
For those who may not remember, or who weren't a fan of Frank last year, here's what happened...
We went to a hockey game and saw Santa Claus (!!)...
.. and then watched some hockey...
... and then we raced with about 30 other dachshunds ON THE ICE!!
This is a FOCUSED DACHSHUND! I see determination in his eyes!
AND we almost won! Frank was one of maybe 8-10 other dachshunds who actually made it 5 feet past their "release"... and he almost finished the race (and won) but then decided to turn around about 10 feet away from me. :: rolls eyes ::

Now, Frank is almost 20% lighter in weight this year than last, so we are sure that he will be much faster and has a higher chance of winning.

Want to see Frank in action? Here's the link to the game page for next Friday. We will be sitting with all the other dogs in the dog section (it's Pucks 'N Pups Night!!).

Oh yes, and what about Beans? Well.. Beans will be going to the game with us but will only be participating as a spectator in the race. He is also super excited to help his brother train in the coming week to make sure he is in tip-top shape for the race on Friday (he's been playing the Rocky theme song non-stop since Tuesday evening...).

Have a good weekend everybody!!

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