Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Frankly Speaking

Dear Frank,

Are you afraid of the potential end of the world event that may occur

on December 21st?  Have you and Beans made adequate doomsday

-Kokopelli Paiyatamu

Dear Koko - I'm not afraid since I received this nifty survival kit from my good friend Richard that contains a lot of great tools to help me and my humans survive the Apocalypse.  Some of the items the kit includes are:

  • Sunglasses : keeps you looking cool and protected during solar flares
  • Snack Cake : provides sustenance for the end of time munchies (I'll save this for my humans)
  • Clown Nose : increases safety because clowns do not attack their own
  • Cork : plugs up those pesky black holes
  • Filter Mask : reduces exposure to airpollution
  • and much more ... including...
  • Blu Bites Gourmet Dog Treats ... Beans & I had a hard time letting those just sit in the bucket waiting for the end of the world, see second picture .... oops :)

Note the NIOSH approved N95 mask in case there are any harmful chemicals in the air!  You can never be too prepared!

One of my favorite sites to to get info on prepping for the supposed Apocalypse is Wheel of Destruction.  Richard helped build the site which lets you pick your favorite Doomsday Scenario - if you match it 3 times on the Wheel of Destruction they will donate $ to your favorite Disaster Relief Charity!  

Notice the Beans got into the Blu Bites meant for the End of Days shortly after the photoshoot! #winning

Bean's and I consider ourselves prepared as we have 17 blankets and pillows of various sizes stocked away in a secret location so we could at least sleep our way thru the first day or two while folks are all excited and searching for food!

Happy prepping!

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