Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Frank & Beans go shopping : Jonathan Adler

It's been a while since Frank & Beans have shared their shopping adventures, so why not today?? 
On today's shopping adventures, we are going to visit Jonathan Adler to pick out some more fun stuff for their "crib".

First up are these dachshund bookends that they would like to use to hold up all of the books & magazines they read (Frank & Beans are quite scholarly in case you didn't know... some of their favorite reads include Dog Fancy magazine, Marley & Me, Little Women, and many more - but we'll let Frank save that for a future Frankly Speaking)
Up next is a dachshund bowl. The boys said that with this bowl they can put not one but THREE DIFFERENT TYPES OF TREATS in here. WOW! Not sure where they think they're going to get these treats from, but sounds interesting!
Here we have a dachshund bottle stopper.  Frank & Beans are not ones to hit the bottle, however they do enjoy an occasional Shiraz or Riesling with a nice dinner.

And last is the dachshund butter dish. Why they want a butter dish, I have no clue. I believe this request came from Beans... (I mean I guess.. why NOT have a dachshund butter dish...?)
I had to break the bad news that since we already own a Buddha butter dish, this purchase would not be necessary (sorry boys...)
(and no, we still do not have the Kitchen Aid mixer fixed yet. Now that the dishwasher & faucet are fixed, getting the Kitchen Aid fixed is next on my list, especially with Christmas coming up....)

AND speaking of Christmas, get ready for some Frank & Beans fun as they do Christmas shopping for themselves as well as Ben & I (oh boy...). Have a place you think Frank & Beans should go shopping at? Send us an eMail and we'll check it out (see the contact page for the eMail address!)

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