Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Frankly Speaking

Rahn in Cincinnati wrote in to ask me the following question: "I'm going on a road trip this weekend with a friend and need some advice on ways to pass the time; any thoughts?"

Dear Toes on the Bumper,

First things first! I don't know what your mode of transportation is but never fart in a MINI Cooper!  Let's just say the lack of space inside the MINI doesn't leave much room for much else; found this picture online of the dire consequences!

Ok - Second is that you need good cruising music.  It's in your best interest to find a crowd pleaser that is easy to sing to in the way that you can only do in the shower when no one is around.  Well - Since I don't take showers I can't quite relate however when we go Motoring in the family MINI I like to get down to some Queen.

Freddie Mercury had a voice like no other - here is my favorite road trip song!  Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.

Sometimes Bean repeats the second verse in front of the mirror before we go to Cars and Coffee to help build his confidence along with putting on his Thundershirt.  He especially likes the part about the Tiger!

I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies 
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity 
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva 
I'm gonna go go go 
There's no stopping me 

Lastly, if your like me I like to hoard some treats or snacks and by all means DO NOT get a 5 layer bean burrito from Taco Bell - see beginning of the post for problems this may cause you ;).  Yes even dogs use emoticons!

Please send over a postcard if you ever get a chance to see the World's Largest Rubberband Ball in Lauderhill, Florida - Always wanted to get to that!

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  1. Great advice Frank, and a fantastic song selection.

    "I'm burning through the skies Yeah!
    Two hundred degrees
    That's why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
    I'm trav'ling at the speed of light
    I wanna make a supersonic woman of you"