Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat recap

Because it was so cold and rainy last night for Halloween, we stayed inside instead of taking the boys out for a little trick-or-treat walk (we had .. 5 trick or treaters, only 3 of which were actual kids.. whatever...).

Dressed in their costumes (OF COURSE!) the little men got their own Halloween treat!
These are little cookies from Pet Wants, a local pet food store in Cincinnati. When I saw these little treats I couldn't resist. Of course we have a cupboard full of a few other fun treats we hope to bust out soon too (so stay tuned!)
Let's see here.. we've got a blue-sprinkle-bone, aaaand ... a pig... yummm

Here we are.. patiently waiting for the cookies to drop! (Say Trick or Treat!)

.... aaand they're off!
(love his hat!!)

The only 'decent' pictures I have is of Beans eating his cookie. Frank's was gone in maybe 10 seconds.. that treat didn't stand a chance. All his pictures are a giant blur!

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