Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Frankly Speaking

Normally I like to take questions from my fans but today I'd like to take the opportunity to write about what I am thankful for since its Thanksgiving and all this Thursday.

First things first I'm Thankful for dog parks  like Washington Park in OTR.  This is one of the few places I'm given the chance to meet new friends.  I've tried to meet new friends on Petfinder or German Friend Finder (I am German after all!) with no luck.  If you are a Dachshund (or any dog actually) and want to meet up at Washington Park let me know; we can swing by Neons afterwards for some jenga!

Second, Beans and I are thankful for Sophia Grace and Rosie.  These 2 little girls are great and remind me a lot of me and Beans (they're little and are always together as a team!).  Sophia Grace is really outgoing (like me) and her sidekick Rosie (her hype woman) is like Beans always there next to me for support.  Hopefully we can follow in their footsteps and eventually get to meet Ellen.  Here is one of Sophia Grace and Rosie's visits to Ellen doing Nicki Minaj!

Bean's wanted me to let you know that he is thankful for Peanut Butter.  My owners will put peanut butter inside of a kong toy and it gives him hours of joy!  Here's what it looks like when he gets a spoonful of peanut butter!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Don't forget to give your favorite furry friend some turkey or table scraps!  You know there are always leftovers anyways!


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