Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Reasons why dachshunds should get their own special clothing size

Halloween is right around the corner, so Ben & I have been looking for the perfect  outfits for our little Frank & Beans. While at Target the other night we spotted the perfect shirts to get these guys. Of course Target advertised them as "pajamas" for dogs but seriously... who puts pajamas in their dogs.... REALLY?!
Anyways.. we took a look at them and decided that Mr. Beans would fit perfectly into a size Small, while Frank is more of a Medium type of guy.
We couldn't WAIT to get home to put our little monsters in their outfits, so we rushed inside and got them all set up.

The result? .... dachshunds need their own special clothing size... THEY WERE TOO LONG/TOO SHORT IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES!
Poor little Beans rear end was hangin' out of the back of his "Bad Dog" prison jump suit... and Frank couldn't even walk in his skeleton outfit because the legs were too long.

Ben & I were rolling on the floor laughing at this site while the poor dogs just looked at us helplessly (ok actually Beans didn't seem to mind and kind of ran off and grabbed Frank's girlfriend when he wasn't looking....)
I guess from this angle it doesn't look that bad on Beans, right??
"I bet Momma wishes she had this outfit for me when I modified her Kitchen Aid mixer a few weeks ago ..... heh"
Frank on the other hand.... no words... 
"Really guys... REALLY!? Can you please take this off now?
... BEANS! I know you're back there with her! I've got eyes in the back of my head! If I could run over to you now and take her I would but my legs keep getting stuck in these "pajamas" !! "

So the morale of the story is... dachshunds need their own special size for clothes... made for extra long bodies, extra short lil legs, and extreme cuteness :) Maybe I should go in the business....
These will be quickly returned to the store in exchange for a few other costumes we recently saw ... stay tuned! 

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