Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frankly Speaking

New Feature! Frank says he has always wanted to have an advice/opinions column, and The Daily Frank & Beans is the perfect spot for him to get started on this adventure. Every week Frank will answer YOUR questions on various topics-- anything ranging from current events, financial advice, home decor and even what color shoes go with that outfit you're wearin' out on Friday night.
Need some advice or an opinion from Frank? eMail him at thedailyfrankandbeans@gmail.com!

Frank, now that the fall TV season is underway, what TV shows do you recommend? 
Wow! Great question! There are so many excellent TV shows on right now it's hard to narrow it down to just a few. Shark Tank is by far one of my favorites as I come up with many ideas for inventions while sitting in my cage that could would really take off with some seed funding from a VC; would be great to work with Mark Cuban - Beans loves his hair!

Dancing with the Stars is another one on my must watch list.  I vote for Shawn Johnson (former US Gymnast) who happens to be just my size (4'11").  For my future date with Shawn I've been rehearsing my moves for my favorite song "Atomic Dog" by George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic from way back in 1982.  See video below,..it's a classic.


Lastly, American Horror Story is back for Season 2 with more chills and thrills for those with the nerve to watch (according to Beans).  Last season had Ben on the edge of his seat as he is a bit squeamish when it comes to the Horror genre.  Since the show is for a mature audience I get second hand information from Beans of which he always forgets to leave out the spoilers,.....

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