Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

We've got a special day coming up... this coming Monday, August 6, will be our 1-year wedding anniversary! It's crazy how time flies!!

What wedding day isn't complete without a visit from Frank? That's right, Frank was a special part of our wedding day. 

I wanted to get a tuxedo for Frank to wear, however after I bought one it was clear that Frank was not a fan of the tuxedo... 
He's saying "Really Mom? REALLY?!?"

So that got returned.... and instead, I ordered a custom-made bow tie and cuffs for him to wear. We weren't too sure of how he would react with them, but surprisingly he handled them quite well. 
Is he not the most proud pup on the planet? 
I must say, we have quite a dapper dapple dachshund ... ;)

On the big day we had a friend meet us with Frank while we were taking pictures. Frank was such a great trooper, although he didn't seem too thrilled to be caught between us in some of the shots... 

...and of course we had to use this shot as our Christmas card this past year...
I can picture him thinking "Ugh.. really guys? Come ON!" 

In the end, I think he was quite happy to be a part of our special day, and we were happy to have him there with us! 

Ben & I are going away for a long weekend to celebrate, so Frank & Beans will be back later next week! 

Have a great weekend everybody!

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