Monday, August 13, 2012

Jenga Dog!

New page layout! I'm still working on getting this set up and realized that some of the features I had on here (Subscribe & Follow, Daily Puppy etc) were hidden with the layout I had selected :( Now you should be able to see the sidebar with some page features (FACEBOOK PAGE!!)

One of our activities this past weekend was hitting up a bar with some friends. Neons, downtown, allows dogs on their patio, so we had to check it out!
Frank enjoyed a nice cold beer...
{he WISHES!}

.... followed by a challenging game of Jenga...

{he would occasionally need our help to push the blocks through since his arms are a liiittle short...}

Beans wasn't too interested in participating, but enjoyed just laying under our chairs, and chillin... 
{I guess he looks a little upset in this picture, but in actuality he seemed to be having a really good time! ... Smile, Beans!}

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