Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beans Birthday Recap

Little Man Beans has a birthday a while back (on July 11 he turned the big 5!). Here is a recap of his birthday (an ice cream treat!).
He was pretty scared of the ice cream & cone that Ben put in his food dish (he kept running away from it... crazy dog!)
{Having a sample... }
Then he decided he liked it...
"OOh... thats good. Hey-are you watching me?"
At which point he dug in and really enjoyed his treat... licking the bowl CLEAN  (good boy!)

"I'm sensing I have something in my beard?"

 And then he finished! Yum!! With the end of summer approaching soon (or maybe not with the 90' weather we are having lately?) we'll have to try and hit up the ice cream stand around the corner one more time and get both of the boys a treat...

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