Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Go Tigers!

Frank and Beans are HUGE Detroit Tigers fans. Any time there is a game on, you can find them perched in front of the TV cheering the Tigers to victory.

They are SUCH big fans that they even convinced Ben & I to get them a Tigers shirt (... amazing... isn't it?).
At the moment we only have one shirt between the two of them, but they seem to share it pretty well, and actually enjoy wearing it (Ok so I didn't really ASK them if they enjoy wearing it, but when I get it out they do cooperate and hold their paws out as I put it on, so that counts, right??)

... and they even take naps in it .... 

Don't tell Frank, but the shirt fits MUCH better on Beans... 

We might need to order another one in a bigger size for Frank {but don't tell him that.. we don't need him getting all self conscious about his figure or anything....}

Go Tigers!!! 

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