Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got another question from my buddy Francis over in V Town aka Vatican City.  The Pope writes: "Dearest Furry little German friend, I really took your advice to heart the other week with regards to the party coat advice.  I was able to score a great cape which is actually trending on twitter @ #FrancisGotPromotedLookAtThatSweetCoat.  Anyways, I'm curious Frank what you gave up for lent?"

Dear Francis - This year was a really difficult Lenten season for me.  Last year I gave up squirrels and pork chops; which are easy to do on my strict dog food diet.  Anyway, I went out a limb this year and gave up my favorite thing of all - Electronic Dance Music (EDM for Short).

EDM is feel good music that usually consists of a solid beat that rises and falls and sometimes has vocals.  Think Night at the Roxbury music but not so cheesy.  There is usually a lot of choreographed lights to go with the music.  Here is me getting ready to go out to the club recently; note LED's for longer battery life.

Anyway, once you get to the club and feel the beat just go with it.  Just dance however you feel is best - here is a friend of mine demonstrating his way of doing it.

Lastly, its important to always get a picture of yourself at the Concert to remember the moment.  Bean's and I like to get on stage whenever possible and snap a pic with the DJ.  Here is a pic from the Tiesto Concert we went to in Columbus a few weeks ago to see Ben's favorite DJ.  Ok - so I fell off the wagon for one night and took in some tunes - oops!  But so worth it!

Thankfully I can start going to EDM concerts again soon - I'm looking forward catching up on all of the tunes from Ultra Music Festival in Miami that just wrapped up!

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