Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon at the park

It was such a nice day yesterday that we couldn't help but spend some time at the park!
When we've gone in the past Beans hasn't been much for chasing toys, but this time he was all over it!
We brought one of Frank's favorite squeaky toys and let Beans have at it. We threw it across the soccer field and called him to bring it back. It took a few tries but he got the hang of how to carry it back without dropping. He was having blast!
{he wore his Thunder Shirt because let's just say Beans has been pretty nervous lately when we go out.. he doesn't mind and seems a lot calmer in it when its on. We call it his "confidence shirt" ... }

Frank on the other hand is a seasoned PRO at playing fetch at the park.
... floppy ears!!
And then it was time to play fetch with both boys at the same time.
Ready... set..... GO!
We have more pictures (and videos!) of the boys that we'll get to on another day. For now - have a great Monday!

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