Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Frankly Speaking

This week I got a question from Sara by the Bay.  Sara writes "Frank, you have a lot of free time to ponder such important questions like who will be the next Pope or whether I will be affected by that sequester thing?  My question is - where should I put my $5 bet at the new Horseshoe Casino?  Momma needs a new pair of shoes!"

Dear Sara - First I must say that His Holiness probably doesn't suggest you do betting of any kind; I heard he has a low yield Vatican money market account you can put your 'faith' in.  Anyway, don't worry about the Sequester either, they can just print more money - no biggie.

I recommend you put your money on a hand of Poker.  Maybe a game of Texas Hold'em or 7 Card Stud.  Whichever you pick its absolutely critical that you have a good poker face!  Let show you some examples!  Here we go,..

Wrong Poker Face - Try Again.
Sometimes a distraction help draw the focus of your opponent!
Or just play dead until your everyone gets bored and gives up!

Hope you come visit the new Casino Sara and take me out to lunch at the Margaritaville Restaurant and we can nibble on some sponge cake!

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