Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MS Walk recap

This past weekend the boys participated in the MS Walk in Cincinnati. We chose to do the 5K walk which was 3.1 miles. Yupp.. 3.1 miles where these guys...
B: "We're ready!!!"
F: "Beans I'm glad I told you about the importance of wearing bow ties
to special occasions"
The walk went pretty good...
B: "I'm glad I got my hair cut in preparation for the walk!"
Frank & Beans were VERY popular.. we placed a bet before the walk at how many people would ask what kind of terrier Beans was (we get that question ALL the time). Want to know how many? NONE! For once everyone commented on what cute dachshunds we have ... (We know ;) ) 
On the walk we came across Tot Dogs!! Check it out!!!
Unfortunately Tot Dogs was closed :( 
Then we came across a break station... with water and treats for the boys!
Of course because our dogs are pigs in disguise, we couldn't just walk them up to the bowls and let them have-at-it with the treats... but they did each get TWO 
:: chomp chomp chomp::
We kept on walking until Beans decided his little legs wanted a break... so I carried him for a little bit.. 
... but that didn't last long... because before we knew it the finish line was in sight!
At which point we took a little break before it was time to head home. 
Once we got home.. the chiefs were OUT for the rest of the day... WHEW.. what a walk!!!

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